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Basic Information
Video Game
Pierre-Alain Dorange
Mouse, Keyboard
macOS, Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux
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MicroWar is Space Invaders style arcade game, with a micro-compter industry theme. The game is free, under licence BSD, made with Python and Pygame. It was developed by Pierre-Alain Dorange.

Game play[edit | edit source]

MicroWar is a Space Invaders-style arcade game. It can be played with arrows key and spacebar, or with the mouse. Each level of the game stands for a year in the history of micro-computers. It starts in 1984 when the Macintosh was invented and goes year to year, each year bringing improvement to the Macintosh and the personal computer. The player moves a Macintosh on the bottom of the screen to shoot at PCs and avoid their bombs.

Special bonuses give enhanced weaponry: Clarus, Newton, iPod and iPhone. Game scoring depend on the player accuracy; a bonus is added for each successive shoot that eat a target. Best scores can be saved on internet (if not disable by user) and can be shared among users, and global best scores can be seen from the game or from the Mcrowar website.

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