Military Madness: Nectaris

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Military Madness: Nectaris
Military Madness - Nectaris Coverart.png
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Backbone Entertainment]][[Category:Backbone Entertainment]]
[[Hudson Soft]][[Category:Hudson Soft]]
[[Nectaris (series)|Nectaris]][[Category:Nectaris (series)]]
Turn-based Strategy
Wii (WiiWare), Xbox 360 (XBLA) and PlayStation 3 (PSN)
ESRB: E10+
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Military Madness: Nectaris is a turn-based strategy game developed for WiiWare, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network by Hudson Soft.[1] It is the latest game in the Nectaris series, and an enhanced remake of the first game.[2]

Nectaris will feature the same story and maps as the original, but will feature 3D graphics, new units and online co-op and competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players.[3] Hudson claims that all three versions will be identical, save for a few multiplayer maps omitted in the WiiWare version.[2]

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