Mining Laser MK 1

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Mining Laser MK 1 is a weapon from Shields-Up.

Type: Mining

Skill: 10

Damage: +10

Energy: -100

Cost: 5,000

Store: Lock-N-Load

Level Requirement: 1

Mining lasers use resonant waves to break apart Asteroids and Rock. They have a high power drain and are low ranged tools. Mining lasers are used to gather ore from asteroids and should not be considered weapons.

This particular mining laser alternates between firing and attractor modes several hundred times a minute, first the laser fires a short high intensity beam at the asteroid to break it up and then switches to attractor mode to draw the ore into the integral magnetic scoop.

Asteroid density and the general make up of the rock composition will affect ore recovery.

You will require a Mining Skill of 10 to use this Mining Laser.