Minority Report: Everybody Runs

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Minority Report: Everybody Runs
North American cover art
Basic Information
Video Game
GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GBA
ELSPA: 15+
Main Credits
[[Jesper Kyd]]
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Minority Report: Everybody Runs is a video game published by Activision in 2002, playable on the Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and PlayStation 2 platforms. It is loosely based on the film Minority Report.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The player assumes the role of John Anderton, a man on the run after "Pre-Cogs" predict him murdering a man named Leo Crow. The player treks through different parts of Washington DC, from the Pre-Crime HQ to the slums and factory areas, to clear John's name and solve the mystery behind his murder accusation.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Minority Report: Everybody Runs uses ragdoll physics to make the fighting much more realistic. You can also use futuristic weapons both from the movie and by Activision. All weapons in the game are non-lethal due to the world being completely murder-free.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Some weapons used in Minority Report: Everybody Runs are made up by Activision and some by the movie. All weapons are Non-Lethal. They are as follows:

  • Concussion Rifle - A small one-handed gun that works almost like a sawed-off shotgun; fires a concentrated blast of air that blows your enemies back so hard that it knocks them out.
  • Riot Shotgun - A miniature, futuristic version of the common Bean-Bag Shotgun that fires small pellets that instantaneously render the subject unconscious. Both the recoil and pump action make this gun very slow.
  • Riot Machinegun - A small, almost Pistol-Like machine-gun that fires bullets that make the subject convulse and eventually lose consciousness.
  • WASP - A gun that fires small rockets powered with an electric current shocking the subject and rendering the subject unconscious.
  • Puke Grenade - A rocket-launcher that fires grenades which emit a green gas that makes the subject involuntarily vomit and render them dazed and confused. This enables the player to grab the subject by the neck and throw them. In the levels "Everybody Runs" and some of the riot levels, most of the innocents dry heave and never vomit, but they are rendered dazed and confused.
  • Grenade Launcher - A rocket launcher that fires a small rocket which, when it explodes, knocks every person in that immediate area unconscious with a non-lethal blast.
  • Baseball Bat - A cheat weapon given to the player when they enter the code Slugger into the cheat mainframe. This is the only semi-lethal weapon in the game.

Voice actors[edit | edit source]

The voice cast includes Clancy Brown as John Anderton, Quinton Flynn as Danny Witwer, and Daran Norris as Leo Crow.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The game was not well received by many gaming critics. In June 2006, X-Play named it as one of the worst Playstation 2 games of all time.

However, Nintendo Power frequently mentioned how fun throwing Pre-Crime officers through glass windows was for several months after the game's release. The feature was later named "Best Guilty Pleasure" in the magazine's annual awards.

X-Play said that 90% of the game is throwing people through windows when they talked about Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on one of the episodes.

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