Mithis Entertainment

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Mithis Entertainment
Basic Information
Business Type
Parent company
[[Eidos Interactive (2006-2009) Square Enix (2009-2010)]]
video games

Mithis Entertainment was a Hungarian video game developer. Mithis was founded in 2002, by the company's owner and CEO Robert Sugar. The company employed around sixty people.

Mithis produced one title, a space-based strategy game called Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. It was working on Battlestations: Midway (a World War II naval strategy game) and Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars ("a blend of turn-based tactical and real time action/arcade elements") when it was purchased to be an in house developer by English video game publisher Eidos Interactive in 2006.

It was known as Eido Studios Hungry until 2009 when it was purchased by Square Enix along with the rest of the Eidos Interactive franchise. The studio was closed by Square Enix in 2010.