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Mobi-Medic is the second in a series of mobile phone applications [1] developed by independent, BAFTA award-winning [2] mobile games developer, Dynamo Games.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

The series, known as the Mobi-Family,[3] is specifically designed for people who want something useful on their mobile phone, that can be of a true benefit in a variety of situations. The applications themselves are supplied via one-off download and payment that is permanently stored on the user's phone.

The application provides users with in-depth guidance on a wide range of health and recovery procedures. It was developed for use on mobile phones to allow the user to access information anywhere in the world, particularly if they encounter an unexpected medical problem without immediate access to the emergency services.

Features[edit | edit source]

File:MobiMedic 2.png
The application menu allows users to view a range of first-aid topics

Mobi-Medic is a fully comprehensive utility that guides users through many aspects of first aid and recovery techniques, such as the recovery position. The application provides guidance based on the information the user provides and it also provides in-depth visual guidance to help users understand some of the more complciated techniques.

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