Mobil 1 Rally Championship

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Mobil 1 Rally Championship
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Magnetic Fields
Creative Asylum Limited]][[Category:Magnetic Fields
Creative Asylum Limited]]
Ubisoft Entertainment
Europress Software]][[Category:Actualize
Ubisoft Entertainment
Europress Software]]
[[Rally Championship (series)|Rally Championship]][[Category:Rally Championship (series)]]
Keyboard, Joystick, Steering wheel
Microsoft Windows and PlayStation
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Mobil 1 Rally Championship (also called Rally Championship 2000) is a rally computer game which is part of the Rally Championship series. The game was released for Windows and PlayStation in 31 December 1999. It is developed by Magnetic Fields and published by Actualize.

The game is a sequel to the 1997 game International Rally Championship. The game features 22 cars and 36 tracks from around the world. Although the name of the game is Mobil 1 British Rally Championship, it simply says "Rally Championship" on the front of the box and the game manual.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The Windows version of the game received extremely positive scores and rates, due to its incredibly high quality graphics for its time of release. The game has been viewed as one of the greatest racing games of its time. However, the PlayStation version was not very popular and was rated much lower, probably because the PlayStation versio had lower quality graphics than the Windows version (due to system processor and graphics card).

Some of the ratings for the Windows version included:

  • "Both perfect rally simulation and eye-popping fast arcade actin. Sheer exhilarating pleasure" 5/5 Game of the Month - Maxim
  • "The most realistic game I have ever seen" Martin Rowe (British Rally Champion)
  • "Rally Championship sets the peace for a completely new generation of racing games: Mobil 1 Rally Championship...the most realistic game...ever! Kicks dust in McRae's face" PC Gaming World - Five Star Classic Award
  • "Throughly entertaining. Mobil 1 Rally Championship is the best racing game to hit the PC...ever" PC Home - 96% Gold Award
  • "The feeling of driving a rally prepared vehicle is masterfully conveyed...thrilling...throughly absorbing...Rally is a revelation" 9/10 - Edge
  • "Mobil 1 Rally Championship is the closest thing to perfection ever released"
  • "I don't think I've ever played a better driving simulation" Games Domain