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Mobile Forces
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Rage Software]][[Category:Rage Software]]
[[Majesco and subsequently]][[Category:Majesco and subsequently]], [[Sold Out Software]][[Category:Sold Out Software]]
First-person shooter
Keyboard and mouse
Microsoft Windows
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Mobile Forces is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Rage Software and published by Majesco using the first generation of the Unreal Engine. It is possible to play single player, via LAN or via Internet. The core team of Rage Games (Scotland) who developed Mobile Forces went on to become Realtime Worlds.[3]

The game features eight different game modes, where all except from Deathmatch are team based: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Captains, Capture the Flag, Holdout (used to be called Domination), Detonation, Safecracker and Trailer. The game is notable for its reasonably successful inclusion of vehicles integrated with standard First Person Shooter gameplay, a rarity when the game was released.[4]

Mobile Forces includes eleven different locations and a bonus location. To win the game in single player one must complete all game modes on all locations.

The master browser server, hosted by Rage so that users could find game servers, went down resulting in a quick decreasing of the game's popularity. However, the game still lives on at [1] where users have created a master server of their own and allows users to edit a text file in the game's directory to point the game to the new master server.

The game is popular around the globe and has spawned a whole culture of its own, spanning from music to extensive community generated game modifications which include maps and two new gametypes: MoBall, where team players use their vehicles to score goals in a soccer based environment, and KnifeFight, a deathmatch scenario where players can only use their commando knife. Both are accredited to Liam Haynes, a key Mobile Forces community member. Game modifications are still being made today with even bigger maps on the horizon.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Airport - An airport with a main terminal and cargo center. The Holdout location is in a control tower.
  • Dockyard - A docked container ship at a dockyard next door to a gas plant.
  • Carpark - A multi-story parking lot connected to a shopping center, "Eden Prairie Mall".
  • Ghetto - The Ghetto is based on a Brooklyn styled neighborhood.
  • Hydroworks - Both teams are stranded at either end of a closed dam.
  • Polar - The teams have control of two abandoned Polar Research facilities.
  • Rail Quarry - Features a mail depot., HMPO (Huge Massive Post Office) and a rail based cargo warehouse.
  • Sawmill - Set on both sides of the fictitious River Trouble, the players battle in woods, and timber yards.
  • Warehouse - Both teams have a warehouse within an industrial setting.
  • Waterfront - Admin offices house both teams with an art gallery dividing territory.
  • Western - Set in the middle of a Western desert, are the towns "El Dorito" and "New Eeloch" middled by an Alamo syled building.
  • Bonus Map: Shuttle Launch - The final map in single player hosts a wide range of tactics and hiding places. It even has a shuttle in the middle.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Mobile Forces has no real world weapons and instead has generic weapons resembling real world weapons.

Weapons list:

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Mobile Forces has unique vehicular game play, like the weapons there are no real world vehicles and instead are generic.

Vehicle list:

  • Buggy
  • Humma
  • Truck
  • APC

The buggy is very quick and light vehicle with room for one driver and one passenger, it has good handling, but is the weakest of the vehicles. The Humma resembles a Humvee but avoids licensing issues, it can carry one driver and 3 passengers. The truck resembles a military truck with a canvas cover, it can carry 4 passengers and can easily be used for transport. The APC carries two people like the buggy but is much slower and much more durable. The APC is often referred to as the tank.

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