Mojang AB

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Mojang AB
Basic Information
Business Type
Markus Persson, Jakob Porsér, Carl Manneh
Parent company
Microsoft Studios
Minecraft, Cobalt, Scrolls, 0x10c
Head Office(s)
Stockholm, Sweden Sweden

Mojang Studios (from Swedish "mojäng", literally "gadget")[1] is a Swedish video game developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded by Markus Persson as Mojang Specifications in 2009, and transformed into Mojang AB in 2010 with Jakob Porsér.[2] The company is best known for creating the three-dimensional sandbox game Minecraft, which was released in 2011.

On September 15, 2014, Mojang publicly announced that they would be bought by Microsoft, and on November 6, 2014 became a subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios (then known as Microsoft Studios).

On May 17, 2020, Mojang AB announced that they were changing their name to "Mojang Studios", unveiling a new logo and a logo animation.[3]

Games[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of games that were developed by Mojang Studios:

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