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Cover art
Basic Information
Video Game
[[FarSight Studios]][[Category:FarSight Studios]]
[[Crave Entertainment]][[Category:Crave Entertainment]]
PlayStation 2 and Xbox
ESRB: Everyone
PEGI: 3+
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Mojo! is a 2003 video game released exclusively for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The player controls a marble through a series of traps in order to break all of the colored blocks in a level. It is somewhat similar to Super Monkey Ball and Marble Madness, yet is much different and provides a much larger set of puzzles and obstacles to solve. Players receive a bonus if they beat a level in a certain amount of time. There are 100 levels included in the game, and a few multiplayer modes. There is also a stage editor where he or she can create all new levels.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Red cell - A red color cell Needs a Red Mojo to destroy.
  • Green cell - A green colored cell Needs a Green Mojo to destroy.
  • Blue cell - A blue colored cell. Needs a Blue Mojo to destroy.
  • Yellow cell - A Yellow colored cell. Needs a Yellow Mojo to destroy.
  • Ice cell - Icy version of all cells. The player has to destroy all the color cells to destroy these.
  • Barrier cell - Indestructible cells that are gray.
  • Diode Barrier cells - Barrier cells that have a passageway to go through (1-way only).
  • Target Barrier cells - Destructible versions of barrier cells. Requires to be hit on a specific side.
  • Death cell - A hollow cell with a death sign inside that lowers your meter by 1/10 on contact.

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Key - A key to open a lock (Must be a Yellow Mojo to pick up a key).
  • Lock - Requires a key to open (Must be Yellow Mojo to open a lock).
  • Teleportation - A hollow pyramid that has an orb in the center, teleporting you to a specific location. Cannot be placed in

level editor.

  • Infusers - Orbs floating above rings that change Mojo's color. (e.g. Green infuser changes Red Mojo to Green Mojo)
  • Red Infuser - An orb floating above a ring that changes Mojo's color to red, being able to destroy only red cells.
  • Blue Infuser - Changes Mojo's color to blue, having the ability to destroy only blue cells.
  • Green Infuser - Touching a green infuser changes Mojo's color to green, enabling Mojo to destroy only green cells.
  • Yellow Infusers - Yellow infusers change Mojo's color to yellow. Being Yellow Mojo enables Mojo to pick up keys and open locks.

Hazards/Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Death Cell - A hollow cell with a death sign inside that lowers your time meter by 1/10 on contact.
  • Enemy Ball - A moving enemy that lowers your time meter by 1/10 on contact. These only move in straight lines back and forth. (Cannot be placed in level editor)
  • Repulsers - Non-moving hazards to push you away like a magnet. When the unmagnetized power-up is picked up this hazard is rendered useless (Cannot be destroyed by the shield power-up).
  • Attractors - Non-moving hazards that pull you towards it (Cannot be destroyed by the shield power-up).

Power-ups[edit | edit source]

  • Unmagnetized power - Repulses and attractors won't have any effect.
  • Shield power - In single player: Destroys any hazards/enemies on contact. In multiplayer: Makes death cells harmless.
  • Kill Enemy power - When you get it, Mojo can get rid of an energy ball or death cell.
  • Spectrum power - A power-up that is capable of Mojo being able to break any color cell without the corresponding color. (e.g. Destroying a blue cell with a Red Mojo)
  • Ball power (Multiplayer only) - Gives your ball strength and allows you to knock a ball out of

Reverse Power-Ups[edit | edit source]

Reverse power-ups are power-ups that have negative effects.

Reverse - Changes the controls. (Instead of forward you go backward)

More Magnetized - Looks like an unmagnetized power-up that makes Repulsors and Attractors have a stronger force field.

*Shrink - A "power-up" that shrinks Mojo. (Single-Player only)

  • Power-ups that cannot be placed in level editor.

Music[edit | edit source]

All of the music in the game is actually pre-produced production music from Some of the tracks in the game include: