Monkeys on the Moon

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Monkeys on the Moon
Monkeys on the Moon.jpg
Designer(s) Jim Doherty

Publisher(s) Eight Foot Llama
Release Date October 8, 2002

Number of Players 2-4 Players
Age Range 10 and up
Setup Time 1-2 Minutes

Playing Time 45-60 Minutes
Rules complexity

Skills required
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There are Monkeys on the Moon! These stranded primates have formed six tribes, each hoping to return to Earth. You have the space ships to get them back, but who do you send? Build favor with the tribes by helping them discover important civilization advances such as the ability to rollerskate or how to play badminton. Use the favors you've earned to bid on monkeys for the journey back to Earth. Assist the most advanced tribes and you may become Supreme Leader of all monkey-kind.

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