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Mordos Kull is a character from Mace: The Dark Age.

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Bio[edit | edit source]

Mordos Kull is a valiant warrior that has fought alongside other warriors in Europe. He now fights as a mercenary for hire who's weapon and skills are for the highest bidder. Not much is known about his past, but what he remembers that he was raised by a group of Gypsies in the Kingdom of Naples (modern day Italy) he learned by fighting off enemy warriors and using a morning star (a Mace-like weapon unrelated to the Mace itself), as Kull reaches his teens and Asmodeous had appointed the Covenant of Seven, they outlawed Gypsies and ordered their execution. On one night in november, Mordos Kull's Gypsy family was killed and he was given one option: join the Covenant of Seven or die. Seeing no other option, he joins the Covenant of Seven and becomes one of the group's top mercenaries. He remains with them until his own mercenary group had met their untimely deaths. Now, a free lance mercenary, he was hired by one of the Seven to eliminate Asmodeous, and capture the Mace. But unbeknownst to Seven member, Mordos Kull may have another agenda.

Good Ending[edit | edit source]

Mordos Kull has defeated Asmodeous and claimed the Mace. Mordos Kull having a noble soul resist the corrupting powers of the weapon. He discovers that it was Sir Dregan was the one that was responsible for the slaughtering of his parents when he was just a boy. The Gypsy family that took him in were also slaughtered by the Seven. He joined the Seven's mercenaries because he figured that it's the best way to beat them, history proved him right as he would gain their trust and secretly defeated them one by one. With the Mace in his possession, he would use it to rid the world of the Covenant of Seven and relieve the world of the darkness that loomed over the world. In the end, the Mace would become a legendary weapon only heroes can wield.

Bad Ending[edit | edit source]

As Mordos Kull fails at achieving his objective in killing Asmodeous, Mordos Kull decides to quit at his job as a mercenary. With his weapon destroyed and his confidence shattered, he tries to find another line of work. First he tries to be a wide-eyeed farmer on the fields of his native Kingdom of Naples, but the evil powers of Asmodeous had fouled the soil to the extent of it not supporting any crops which prevents Mordos Kull from taking on the job of a farmer. He becomes a street begger in the many regions in Europe: the complete opposite of what he used to be.