Mortal Online

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Mortal Online
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Star Vault]][[Category:Star Vault]]
[[Star Vault]][[Category:Star Vault]]
Keyboard, Mouse
Microsoft Windows
Technical Information [1]
Main Credits
[[Patrik Jarlestam]]
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Mortal Online is a First Person, open-world, Player versus Player MMORPG by the Swedish video game company Star Vault released on June 9, 2010. The game is inspired by the desire to return to Ultima Online's player-controlled, sandbox-style game design;[3] it uses Unreal Engine 3 by Epic Games and features a skill-based, action-style combat system.[4]

Mortal Online does not have a traditional level/class system, but rather a skill and attribute system similar to the Elder Scrolls series.[5][6][7] There are 10 different races from 4 different species for the player to choose from and players can have four characters per account, but all characters on a specific account share a soul called a Deva which binds the actions of all characters together.[8][9] Finally, Mortal Online features a non-repeating history designed to dramatically enhance the game's persistent world realism.[10]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Overview of skills and attributes in Mortal Online

Mortal online has an FFA (Free-For-All) PvP system, with consequences for killing innocent players in the form of “flags”, which change from blue (innocent) to grey (Allowed) to red (murderer). Being "allowed" in Mortal Online means that other players can either attack you without being flagged themselves, or can call the guards. Doing other crimes in game also “allows” the player, for example; getting caught pick pocketing, or stealing a horse. Mortal Online also has a strict death penalty compared to other popular MMO’s; when a player dies, they lose all of the items in their inventory. This death penalty also allows for there to be “real” raiders and bandits, because a player literally can jump out of an alley, kill a person, and steal everything (that’s not in the bank). Another way for players to relieve others of their goods is pick pocketing, which in game is divided into two skills: snooping and pilfering, which together make pick pocketing. Other than robbing and killing, players can craft, build houses, explore, tame animals, mine, hunt, or practice skills. The crafting in Mortal Online is a very complex and in-depth system, with more than 100 skills in crafting alone, many of which are for using materials. In Mortal Online players can also construct houses, bridges, walls, and keeps, all of which can be attacked and destroyed by other players (with a considerable amount of time and effort). Mortal Online also allows players to tame wild animals as companions or mounts.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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