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The Mr. Do series were a series of arcade games that revolved around a fictional clown, Mr. Do. The two most popular Mr. Do games were Mr. Do! and Mr. Do's Castle. The other two games, Mr. Do's Wild Ride and Do! Run Run were not as popular.

Mr. Do vs. the Unicorns was a name used for some releases of Mr. Do's Castle.

In each game, the player controls the Mr. Do character.

Mr. Do![edit | edit source]

Mr. Do! was released in 1982. It was released by Universal. It was a popular game and was released to many home systems.

In the game one or two players moved Mr. Do around as he dug through the ground, gathered cherries and deserts, dropped apples, and used the apples and his power ball to destroy enemies. The player could gain extra points and levels by spelling out "EXTRA" by killing Alphamonsters bearing those letters. The player could also obtain an extra, free game by gathering a diamond when it appeared (rarely).

Some versions of the game were released under other names including Yankee Do and Mr. Lo.

Mr. Do's Castle[edit | edit source]

Mr. Do's Castle was released in September 1983. Some versions of the machine went under the name Mr. Do vs. the Unicorns.

One or two players moved Mr. Do around a castle with various levels. Unicorns chased Mr. Do to attempt to kill him. Players could use a mallet to slow the unicorns or to hammer blocks through the floors to kill the unicorns. The EXTRA motif of the original appeared also.

Mr. Do's Wild Ride[edit | edit source]

Mr. Do's Wild Ride was released in 1984. In it, the player controls Mr. Do as he wanders about various amusement park rides. He can use ladders, elevators and special speed to avoid the coaster cars, pirate ships and other obstacles. In each level Mr. Do seeks to avoid the coaster cars and other dangerous objects and reach the end of the course to advance to the next level. The EXTRA motif reappears though in a less controllable manner based on the timing with which the course is completed.

Do! Run Run[edit | edit source]

Do! Run Run also appeared in 1984. It involved Mr. Do wandering through various levels that appeared in a three dimensional overhead view. Monsters from the original game reappeared, as did the powerball, gathering of items and the EXTRA motif in its original form. Instead of dropping apples to kill monsters, Mr. Do could set logs rolling by removing supports.

Of all the Mr. Do sequels, Do! Run Run is most true to the original game.

Neo Mr. Do![edit | edit source]

Neo Mr. Do! is a maze game released in 1995 by Visco for the Neo Geo MVS system, under license from Universal. It was never released on the AES home console and was never ported to other systems.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Because of the Video game crash of 1983, the manufacturer of Mr. Do games went out of business and no further Mr. Do games appeared, despite their popularity, save from some ports of the first game, for consoles such the Neo-Geo and the Super NES, the latter in 1996.