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GX Mr EAD.png
Mr. EAD as he appears in F-Zero GX/AX.

Game Series F-Zero series
First Appearance F-Zero X
Status: Alive
Occupation: F-Zero racer
Position: #9
Species: Android
Gender: Male
Likes: Italian food
Hobbies: F-Zero racing
Voice Actor(s): Wayne Grayson (2004-2005)
Trademark: Great Star

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name is a reference to Nintendo Enertainment Analysis and Development.
  • Likewise, he shares similar traits with Nintendo's mascot, Mario. Mr. EAD wears a star on his belt, likes Italian food, and has a thick moustache. He also claims in an interview in F-Zero GX that if he could, he would wear overalls all the time.