Muffy (Harvest Moon)

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Game Series Harvest Moon series
First Appearance Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
Status: Alive
Occupation: Barmaid
Species: Human
Age: 18-23
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Gender: Female
Likes: Being loved, Flowers, Gems, Food, Drink
Dis-Likes: Fossils, Failed romances
Hobbies: Barmaid
Family: You can be her husband if you propose to her, and have a son.
Home: Forget-Me-Not Valley
Trademark: Red Dress, fluffy, blonde hair
Notes: Muffy doesn't accept gifts while she is working, so don't even try it.

Muffy is a flirt who works in the bar with Griffan, polishing drinking glasses. All she wants is to be married, and to be free of living in the bar. Of course, she knows nothing about farming, but she still cares about you and your career. To marry her, just give her a flower from any season, or a gem from the dig site. She is available at 10:00am to 11:00am. Just go in the bar and knock on the other door. Her diary is under the lamp in the bar room.

Muffy's child is a cute little thing, but a bit of a trouble maker. He loves you a lot when he is a toddler, and is obsessed with the "Cute" Animals. You can pick him up and hold, play, love, or sing to him. Muffy frets about him constantly, always wanting to raise him to be neat and proper.

When he gets older, he may either want to become a artist, or if you raise him to, a farmer. Don't try to force him to do something though, because you may put him under pressure. Muffy will dress him in striped overalls and a striped hat when he is a toddler.