Multi Maze Mountain 2

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Published by:Onwijs



Genre:Math maze game

Summary[edit | edit source]

Multi Maze Mountain is a maze game about the multiplication tables 1 to 20. The object of the game is for the player to collect three coloured keys to open the door to the exit of the maze. Red and blue obstacles block the maze (see screenshot) and may only be passed after giving the right answer to a multiplication problem. With each false answer a new coloured block appears somewhere in the maze.

The game can be playerd at 8 different levels. The first level deals only with the tables 1 and 10, with each next levels two extra tables are added. At the highest level you're confronted with problems from all tables from 1 to 20.

Multi Maze Mountain is a practicing game en has a help function with two types of hints to help you solve the problems.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

- The first version of this game was a 16-coloured Windows 3.1 program.

- Since May 2008 there is a Flash version available.

- The game can be played in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Dutch

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