Muppets Inside

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Muppets Inside
Basic Information
Video Game
CD (1)
Main Credits
John Cutter
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Screenshot of Fozzie Bear driving inside a computer.

The Muppet CD-ROM: Muppets Inside is a PC computer game produced by Starwave in 1996. The title is a play on Intel's advertising slogan, "Intel Inside," meaning that one could find an Intel processor inside a computer marked with its sticker. The plot of Muppets Inside involves several Muppet characters getting trapped inside a computer. Bunsen sends Kermit and Fozzie Bear into the computer to rescue the others by travelling around the Bitmap on a Databus, continuing the computer parody theme.

Mini games[edit | edit source]

Box text[edit | edit source]

This is the description of the game on the original packaging:

The Muppets are trapped inside your computer and it's your job to rescue them! Dive inside The Muppet CD-ROM: Muppets Inside, a hilarious "misadventure" that combines challenging gameplay with witty, offbeat Muppet humour. Your goal is to round up the Muppets and along the way you'll encounter seven Muppetized games: help the Swedish Chef battle vicious vegetables in "Kitchens of Doom," but don't get lost in the Carpal Tunnel! Multiple skill levels guarantee fun for everyone, from novices to experienced gamers. With Muppets Inside you'll meet the latest members of the Muppet Crew and discover over an hour of new audio and video footage, plus five new songs and classics from The Muppet Show.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The box describes Clifford as "the newest Muppet."
  • A bonus "Muppetizer'" feature provided custom cursors, sounds and wallpaper.
  • The game came with a 6x6 inch, 30-page booklet with Henson history, character profiles, game instructions and credits.

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