Music Catch

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Music Catch
Basic Information
Video Game
Reflexive Entertainment
Reflexive Entertainment, PlayFirst
Collecting, Music
Digital Download
iOS, macOS and Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Music Catch
United Nations International Release Date(s)
August 2008
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Music Catch is a widely played Flash music game by Reflexive Entertainment. The fairly simple gameplay is centered around catching, with the cursor, different colored falling shapes that appear on screen in sync with the music playing in the background; shapes of some colors grant extra points while touching red notes incurs penalties. Music Catch has attained great popularity among flash gaming sites such as Kongregate.

The song featured in the online version is titled "Before Dawn" and was written by Music Catch's developer, Isaac Shepard.

In addition to being playable for free on the web, Reflexive Entertainment has also released a downloadable version that is available for purchase.[1] The downloadable version of Music Catch includes the ability to play along to any MP3 in the user's library. Shepard has stated that this was his original intent all along, but the online version could not accommodate this feature, hence work began on the downloadable version. In May 2009, a version of Music Catch was released for the iPhone. A sequel to the game, Music Catch 2, has also been released online.[1]

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