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MyCoke (previously, and still known as: CokeMusic), is the website and previous name for an MMO.

MMOs[edit | edit source]

A browser based game called CokeStudios (ran from, later named simply "MyCoke", was a 2D isometric game that was browser based. It was originally developed by: Sulake, the same creators of a similar game Habbo.

Later the original MMO closed, later with a new MMO named "CCMetro", a downloaded (through a client called "There") game with 3D appearance operated by Makena Technologies (with the transfer of "decibles" to be converted into their currency), remaining sponsored by CocaCola, alike CokeStudios.

However, CCMetro was later closed, due to lack of support from Makena. With the credits transferred through both MMOs, it is unknown if a record is still kept, if a new MMO is developed for

Current site[edit | edit source]

Currently, MyCoke is used for general CocaCola propaganda, mini games, and downloads.