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Mystic Warriors-based hardware is an arcade system board used by Konami on several of its 1993 fighting games. Since Konami did not use the word system on most of its arcade hardware, its arcade games are usually classified by the type of video and sound chips used (in this case, the hardware is named after Konami's ninja-themed fighting game, Mystic Warriors).

Specifications of the hardware[edit | edit source]

CPU: Motorola 68000 @ 16 MHz.

Games based on the hardware[edit | edit source]

Video and sound chips[edit | edit source]

Note: The chips are followed by their corresponding game(s) in parentheses.

  • K053246 (all listed games)
  • K053252 (Gaiapolis, Martial Champion and Mystic Warriors)
  • K053936 (Gaiapolis)
  • K053990 (Martial Champion)
  • K054000 (Gaiapolis)
  • K054156 (all listed games)
  • K054157 (all listed games)
  • K054338 (Martial Champion, Mystic Warriors and Violent Storm)
  • K054539 (Martial Champion, Mystic Warriors and Violent Storm)
  • K054573 (Martial Champion)
  • K054986 (Martial Champion)
  • K055550 (Violent Storm)
  • K055555 (all listed games)
  • K055673 (all listed games)

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