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Digital trophy awarded with Myth World Cup 1999

Myth World Cup is an online Myth II tournament. Originally played on Myth: The Fallen Lords in 1998 [1], it has since been played on Myth II: Soulblighter annually (bar 2002). Known for its complex Double Elimination system, major prizes in several of the tournaments, and for being the largest 2-team Myth II Tournament within the Myth community. The tournament has always been played on the latest version of Myth II (other than the original which was on Myth: The Fallen Lords).

TFL98: Myth World Cup (Myth World Cup 1998) (80 teams)[edit | edit source]

This was the first Myth World Cup and the only one to be played on the original Myth game. Required all teams to be a registered Myth II order, something no one would consider in modern-day Myth. Largest tournament ever played on Myth: The Fallen Lords. Despite not being played on Myth II, it had all the hallmarks of the later Myth World Cup tourneys - it was based on a system organised by the infinite wisdom of Butcher, in depth reviews of lots of the games, a state of the art website designed by Aracona (Ben Samuels) - and was the biggest Myth tournament of the year. It also had a semi-serious narrative that ran parallel to the tournament. This idea was popular enough to return for MWC99, but in MWC00 only three entries were posted before the idea was dropped. Most amazing thing about this tournament is how tiny the organising team was compared to all other MWCs.

Top Ten Teams
  • 1. Rabble Forces (RF)
  • 2. Clan Plaid Dwarves (#CP#D)
  • 3. Civil Order (Civil)
  • 4. Foundation (*F*)
  • 5. The Violators (-V-)
  • 6. Final Reign (FR)
  • 7. Altus Praeses (ap)
  • 8. Lucifer's Knights (LK)
  • 9. Destruction Eternal (de)
  • 10. Evil Inc. (-e.i-)
Tournament Credits
The first place prize was Myth: The Fallen Lords baseball caps from Bungie. The baseball caps were originally going to be for the second place team, with a secret prize for the team in first place, but the prize never appeared and 5-plus months after the tournament ENDED nobody had received ANY prizes. Renwood contacted Bungie's PR man and told them no MWC winners had not gotten any prizes yet. Bungie was in dire straits at this point money wise and sent what was ment to be the second place prizes (TFL Baseball Hats) to both teams. Rabble Forces, and to the second place team CP dwarves.

Myth World Cup 1999 (96 teams)[edit | edit source]

First Myth World Cup to be played on Myth II, and the largest with 96 teams. Said by many to be the best Myth World Cup, it was organised by Butcher of MWC98 fame. Its top 10 featured Civil, BMF, GtM and fs - four of the most successful MWC teams of all time. Added the Double Elimination system that has been used in all other MWCs and expanded on the idea of a storyline for the tournament that had been strong in TFL98. The now deceased Myth Tournament History site said "This tournament saw it all: slaughterings, upsets, and the most up-to-date website imagineable. In the end, Civil Order defeated BMF in a 7 hour, 15 game match that was the closest and most intense ever." Threat Assessments were far more widespread in this tournament than in the previous MWC and it began the fights that players have over them in every MWC since - for many players, particularly those who play ranked games (i.e. players who seek recognition in the Myth community for their gaming skills), arguing over an assessment is as much a part of MWC now as the games themselves.

Top Teams
  • 1. Civil Order (Civil)
  • 2. BMF (BMF)
  • 3. Alliance (=A=)
  • 4. Glue the Moose (GtM)
  • 5. Sabre Rummers (sabre)
  • 6. Mac Gamers' Guild (MgG)
  • 7. Evil Inc. (ei)
  • 8. The Companions (~C~)
  • 9. Snap, Krackle, DIE! (snap)
  • 10. Fellowship of Stoneheim (fs)
Tournament Credits
  • MacTell Corporation - Majority of prizes
  • Bungie Software - Many prizes, support in running tournament, help organising tournament, tournament advertising
  • Mac Observer - Hosted site, helped organise tournament
  • Other Sponsors
  • Diamond Multimedia - Prizes
  • XLR8 - Prizes
  • PowerLogix - Prizes
  • Mac-O-Rama - Prizes
  • Trans Intl. designs - Prizes
  • Prizes
    • First Place:Macintosh G3 OverDrive upgrade card 366 MHz/1024K/2:1 (mactell), 8.4GB FirePower FireDrive external Firewire hard drive (mactell), Macintosh ZForce upgrade card with a 400 MHz G3 processor (PowerLogix), Macintosh XLR8 MACh Speed G3 with a 400 MHz G3 processor (XLR8), USB to PCI interface card (mactell), USB gamepad (mactell), USB joystick (mactell), two Diamond Viper V770 Ultra 3D accelerators (Diamond)
    • Second Place:Macintosh G3 PowerJOLT upgrade card 333 MHz/1024K/1.5:1 (mactell), Macintosh G3 G-MAX upgrade card 320 MHz/1024K/2:1 (mactell), US$75 gift certificate for the Bungie Store, 128 MB DIMM (TransIntl), USB to PCI interface card (mactell), USB gamepad (mactell), USB joystick (mactell), Diamond Viper V770 Ultra 3D accelerator (Diamond), five T-shirts (Mac-O-Rama), five hybrid games, US$50 gift certificate for Mac-O-Rama.
    • Third Place: 64 MB DIMM (TransIntl), five T-shirts (Mac-O-Rama), five hybrid games, US$50 gift certificate for Mac-O-Rama, Myth II poster/T-shirt/hintbook bundle (Bungie).
    • Front Runners Prize (for winners of Qualification Round, won by Heroes of Legend), five Myth II T-shirts (Bungie), five Myth II soundtracks (Bungie).

Myth World Cup 2000 (94 teams)[edit | edit source]

First non-Butcher MWC. Due to less PR and a general decline in Myth activity, sponsors were weaker than 99, and in the end most prizes didn't make it out. The finals of this tournament saw two orders playing under assumed names. After a 10 game match, Street Fighters defeated The Ginslingers to gain their "second" tournament victory. Street Fighters win was a shock to much of the community, even after their strong NML win shortly before. They still had not revealed their true identities (Civil Order) by this time, but many in the community had a good idea who they were. BMF surprised all by failing to make the top 5 after coming second in MWC99, but still performed well compared to other teams achieving a respectable 8th place. This tournament showed a decline (and then end) of the idea of a 'story' behind the MWCs and humour began to take a more important role over serious analysis of things as the Myth Community slowly developed its own culture.

The unofficial MWC00 Flame Forum arose in response to the heavy censorship on the official forums, and became quite popular among a segment of the community. One of the first posts on the flame forum was an account of a conversation in the (previously) private Tournament Operator forum, where some of the organizers were venting steam and criticizing players, revealing their disdain for a large portion of the community. Rolling Rock, a rival organizer and outspoken critic of the staff's general self-righteousness, had acquired the password and had been reading the TO forum regularly.

Top Teams
  • 1. Street Fighters (*SF*)
  • 2. Ginslingers (gin)
  • 3. The Spanish Inquisition (Spin)
  • 4. Ancrik
  • 5. Northern Paladins (Np)
  • 6. Swedish Meatballs (Sm)
  • 7. Men of Rohan (MoR)
  • 8. Bad Mo Fo's (BMF)
  • 9. Cagey Ghols (CG)
  • 10. Clan Plaid (CP)
Tournament Credits
  • Bungie Software - Prizes, tournament organising, tournament advertising
  • Clan Mac Gaming - Prizes, tournament advertising
  • MAC-O-RAMA - Prizes
  • Strategy Gaming Online - Web-space
  • Tournament Organisers' Special Thanks
  • Butcher
  • Sir Parson
  • The entire MWC99 Staff
  • Prizes: Prizes were promised but never publicly confirmed

Myth World Cup 2001 (67 teams)[edit | edit source]

This was the last MWC on's Myth server, held just after the Myth franchise was sold to Take 2 Interactive. Turnout was significantly less than MWC 2000, but still gathered 67 teams. Prizes were not a focus for the organizers, but were to be provided by Mumbo Jumbo - makers of Myth III, and Clan Mac Gaming, a gaming site dedicated to Macintosh. Unfortunately, Mumbo Jumbo was unable to provide prizes after Myth III was rushed out the door and the dev team was dumped/reassigned.

This MWC was intended to be more automated and more democratic than 2000, which had heavily censored forums, a lot of 'quality control', and painfully slow site updates. To that end, script development began 5 months before play started, including features that allowed all users to post articles and write reviews of matches, and the resurrection of 99's 'betting pool' that allowed players to predict the 10 teams who'd finish at the top. Additionally, many more people were invited to contribute to threat assessments and score matches. Every MWC since has embraced the MWC01 openness of submitting articles and reviews.

In 2006, Wight Slayer completely rewrote the code for the MWC 2001 site in preparation for MWC 2006.

Top Teams
  • 1. Northern Paladins (Np)
  • 2. TeAm AnGrY FaCe (12 inch)
  • 3. Monkey Island (MI)
  • 4. Cirque du Soulblighter (CiRQUE)
  • 5. Glue The Moose (gtm)
  • 6. The Cagey Inquisition (CI)
  • 7. Men of Rohan (MoR)
  • 8. Cacrajou Circle (Cacra)
  • 9. Legion of the Avatara (LoA)
  • 10. Greek Gods (GG)
Tournament Credits
  • Tournament Organiser: Wight Slayer
  • Sponsors
    • Mumbo Jumbo Entertainment - Prizes, Beta testing jobs for Myth III: The Wolf Age
    • Clan Mac Gaming - Prizes
    • MythWolfAge - Provided webspace for duration of tournament, donated by *Some Loser*
  • Server: II (Myth II Server)
  • Prizes
    • First Place: Three games of choice, three Myth III: The Wolf Age, Myth III with box & manual signed by entire development crew, seven Myth III Boardgames, T-shirts for whole team, Beta Testing opportunity for Myth III: The Wolf Age for whole team
    • Second Place: One game of choice, two Myth III: The Wolf Age, five Myth III Boardgame, T-shirts for whole team, Beta Testing opportunity for Myth III: The Wolf Age for whole team
    • Third Place: Three Myth III Boardgame, Beta Testing jobs for Myth III: The Wolf Age for whole team

Note: The Mumbo Jumbo sponsorship prizes were never dealt out after the company split with Take2.

Myth World Cup 2002 (never realized)[edit | edit source]

The loss of meant there was no finalised MWC02, though a team did plan on organising it (led by Rauko), registering a domain to host the tournament on, though it never developed beyond the message 'Coming Soon...Myth World Cup 2002'. It was not at all the fault of the guys who wanted to organise it. The only person other than Rauko confirmed to be working on it was M. Bison (aka Phod), who was apparently revising rules.

Myth World Cup 2003 (32 teams)[edit | edit source]

First MWC on and the one with the biggest loss of players - 32 teams. Led by Grim, a much smaller team was used to create the tournament. It saw the first of the Np team that had won tournament after tournament since TBT, something no one predicted to happen. The loss of and the lack of an MWC02 led to a huge decline of players, but the tournament was a success - even without a prize due to lack of sponsors. It was the first great tournament that Northern Paladins (Np) failed to win since their era of domination began, but they achieved second place.

The forum 'theme' of MWC03 was 'smiley spam' in posts, where lots of emoticons, either the same or varied would be used in response to posts. This cult like 'theme' has since become a staple of MWCs, with each one having its own unique flavour. Before the tournament, there some discussion by a few players arguing the MWC should be played on Myth III, including Blades - head of the PMA. This argument was opposed by the masses, and MWC03 was Myth II as planned. Despite the popularity of 'open article writing' in MWC01, only two articles were written for this MWC and very few reviews compared to MWC98 - 01.

Top Teams
  • 2. Northern Paladins (Np)
  • 3. Swedish Meatballs (Sm)
  • 4. Thundercox (TCox)
  • 5. Glue the Moose (gtm)
  • 6. Order of Aurelius (OA)
  • 7. Legion of the Avatara (LoA)
  • 8. The Wight Foundation (twf)
  • 9. PoOp
  • 10. WolfPack (WP)
Tournament Credits
  • Tournament Organisers: Grim, Sioflake, DagorFunk, d*WAR*f, Drizzt, qwerty
  • Servers
  • Sponsors
  • - Provided webspace for duration of tournament, donated by *Some Loser*
  • Tournament Organisers' Special Thanks
  • Badlands Games (For many of the tournament's maps and providing the organisers with web-space for them)
  • (For hosting the site and providing forums)
  • (For providing a server for all Myth II addicts and the majority of MWC03's games)

Myth World Cup 2004 (36 teams)[edit | edit source]

This MWC was in the height of's life. 36 teams registered - the first MWC to have more than the previous since MWC99. MWC04 also had an unprecedented prize (for all of Myth history, but particularly since after no tournaments had significant prizes) for the winning team. Organised by Grim (of MWC03 fame), first person to run two MWCs since Butcher in 98/99. Surprise team of the tournament was ICBMNATH (ICBMN), a 5-star rated team who failed to progress past 11th place. The team was a reformation of the MWC03 winners BIA (which was in turn a successor to, with a few player differences and was predicted a much better placing. As with the year before, legendary team Northern Paladins were forced into second place after being predicted winners by many players.

The MWC04 thread of spam was one of the tournament's most famous features, a forum thread which has still survived to the present day with active posters. Routine weekly columns were another thing that helped keep players interested in the tournament after their team was knocked out. The other forum theme was 'cool points'. Each time a player made a post they would receive a set of 25 Cool Points to keep to themselves or donate to other worthy posters. This was supposedly a way of acquiring Myth II Soulblighter Respect via the MWC forums. Offering prizes led to Article/Review writing becoming far more popular than in the sparse previous year.

Top Teams
  • 1. Brills Meets Evil (BME)
  • 2. Northern Paladins (Np)
  • 3. Martial Arts Guru's (guru)
  • 4. NFD ft. fcomm, (nfdf)
  • 5. GREEK GODS (GG!)
  • 6. To Be Determined (lame)
  • 7. The Ghetto Cakes (GC)
  • 8. Agents (evil)
  • 9. enhanced ~PoOp~ (eP)
  • 10. Wolfpack (WP)
Tournament Credits
  • Tournament Organiser: Grim
  • Server:
  • Prizes:
    • First Place: US$1000
    • Best Personal Ratios (Wightymeter): US$50 (Won by Loial of BME)
    • Best Review: US$50 (Won by M. Bison)
    • Most Popular Article/Review of the Week: 30Mb Subdomain at (Won by M. Bison)

Bungie promised to donate additional prizes, including Myth collection boxes (in original packaging), Myth-decorated clothing, pewter Soulblighter figures and original Myth sketch art signed by the artist. Grim decided to give these to the 2nd and 3rd placing teams. However, Bungie stopped answering communication and did not provide the prizes.

Myth World Cup 2005 (30 teams)[edit | edit source]

Smallest MWC so far (as the latest, following the general trend for tournaments to shrink). Players cared much less than in previous tournaments (lack of a prize and of opponents partly led to this), with the legendary Np forefeiting all games. A delayed website (and unfinished by a lazy team) did not help either. At the end of the tournament the finals went unplayed - 2 games were played then scheduling issues ensued until the teams gave up trying. Thundercox, the lower bracket challengers (and thus second seed at the finals) was up by two points after both were played, but then BIAUIHYAC2 turned up for the later-scheduled 3 games. The two most vocal players in the teams - god cops and Myrkridon, both claimed victory. god cops for having had his team win both games - though he was not there at the time (being banned from, and Myrkridon for winning the remaining 3 games by default. Tournament Organiser statement is 'no official winner' and the tournament is now closed, because 'you cannot win the tournament by a forfeit victory'. Lack of motivation, poor organisers (though no one better was willing to do the job instead), and the disappointing end to the tournament led many to consider MWC2005 as a failure.

Despite various issues with the tournament itself, bright points included unofficial tournament 'mascot' the HoHo Goldfish. A competition to create the best photoshop picture of the HoHo Goldfish was started with lots of results indending to prove it had the funniest creator. A similar gallery based around satyr of The Elfoid was also created, with an equally good response. Other tournament themes included spamming the name of Brazilian Myther 'THOR' and discussions about 'ASTEROIDS' killing off all of humanity. Articles were a key part of the forum humour in this MWC and much better written than in previous years, but sadly not nearly as many were posted as MWC04.

Top Teams
  • 1. No Overall Winner
  • 2. BIAUIHYAC2 (BIA2)
  • 2. Thundercox (TCox)
  • 3. Hand of Allah (HoA)
  • 4. Unholy Alliance (UA)
  • 5. The Living End (TLE)
  • 6. Mostly Harmless (MH)
  • 8. Real Men Alliance (rma)
  • 8. PoOp
  • 10. Nowhere Final Destination (NFD)
  • 10. Swedish Meatballs (Sm) [NFD and Sm games went unscored - which team rated higher on the list is currently not officially known]
Tournament Credits
  • Tournament Organisers: Mad Dog & Cheezefist
  • Sponsors - Igmo (provided webspace)
  • Servers:

Myth World Cup 2006 (32 teams)[edit | edit source]

Grim and the rest of the MWC04 team decided to come back together and run another one. Veterans Nitro and Wight Slayer came back out of retirement and put together a brand new site, with original design by Nitro and fresh coding from Wight Slayer. The concept of the betting pool returned from MWC99 and 01, and new features have been added, such as community-driven threat ratings and multiple threat assessments for every player. Creative themes for this tournament were Cheezefist's OMGWTF comics and the 'BombayTV' movies posted frequently in the forums. The tournament has 32 teams, more than the previous year (30), and many more teams intended to play and showed up for games, possibly because of the cash prize and proven staff. The tournament was won by Np - marking their second MWC victory (only Civil Order managed two wins prior to then) against MWC05 finalists Thundercox. The tournament was filled with surprises - mostly because a lot of weaker teams had improved during the great inactivity that many veterans experienced in 2005. Thundercox was the biggest surprise of the tournament with their upset victories over BIA3 and then BME. Another major surprise was the 7th place finish for TWF - a team that had been in decline for years and failed to enter MWC05. Tirri (Drizzt) of Np won the ratios contest.

Top Teams
  • 1. Northern Pallywankers (Np)
  • 2. Thundercox (tcox)
  • 3. Brills Meets Evil (BME)
  • 4. The Fucking Sorcerers (BIA3) (name censored by MWC staff to 'The F'ing Sorcerers')
  • 5. NFD ft. fcomm (nfdf)
  • 6. The Elephriends (Ele)
  • 7. The Wight Foundation (TWF)
Tournament Credits
  • Head Tournament Organiser: Grim
  • Sponsors: THOR and Tiger - First Place prize
  • Server:
  • Prizes
    • First place: US$1000
    • Best Ratios (Wightymeter): US$50 (won by Tirri (Drizzt))
    • Best Article/Review: US$50 (won by Ducky for 'Review of the MWC2006 QR')
    • Second Best Article/Review: US$30 (won by Cheezefist for 'OMGWTF Gallery' column)
    • Third Best Article/Review: US$20 (won by Blade for review of Thundercox vs. Brills Meets Evil)
    • Highest Betting Pool Accuracy: US$50 (won by Micsan)

Myth World Cup 2007 (24 teams)[edit | edit source]

In the first round of the finals, the Bottom Bracket Challengers, 12 Tasks, defeated the Top Bracket Champions, ThunderCox. The finals went on to Sudden Death overtime where ThunderCox won the first 2 games, thus defeating 12 Tasks and becoming the Myth World Cup Champions for 2007. Ape of AGEHA won the best ratios of the tournament.

Np was registered as a team in the beginning of the tournament, and a popular predicted finalist, but broke up before play began due to inactivity of most of its roster. Both finals teams had a few Np players on their roster continuing the team's major influence on the competitive side of the game since they first came to prominence in 2000.

Top Teams
  • 1. ThunderCox (tcox)
  • 2. 12 Tasks (12)
  • 3. Anal Bleachers (ABS)
  • 4. CobraKongCommandos: Castlefight Series (CKCCS)
  • 5. Wu Tang Clan (WTC)
  • 6. Myth Blooper Allstars (MBA)
  • 7. The Syndicate (Syn)
  • 8. mental (mental)
Tournament Credits
  • Head Tournament Organisor: toxyn
  • Tournament Organisors:
    • Nitro
    • Ducky
  • Servers
  • Prizes
    • First Place Prize - US$1000 - tiger and Ducky

Myth World Cup 2008 (24 Teams)[edit | edit source]

There were 24 teams in Myth's 10 Annual Myth tournament. Grim hosted it, helped by the valuable Toxyn with his webhosting, with a US$500 prize. Armageddon were the eventual winners, beating House of Tirri's in 2 sudden death games after losing to them by 1 point in the first 7 games of the finals.

Top Teams
  • 1. Armageddon (A)
  • 2. House of Tirris (HoT)
  • 3. ThunderCox (tcox)
  • 4. Dark Horses (DH)
  • 5. Ancrik (crik)
Tournament Credits
  • MWC08 Officials
    • Grim
    • toxyn
  • Server
  • Prizes
    • First Place: US$500 - tiger
    • Best article: US$50 - tiger
    • Best review: US$50 - tiger

MWC TO/Winners/Team-Count/Official Site Summary[edit | edit source]

MWC title/year Top three placing teams Main Tournament Organiser Number of entrants
TFL98: Myth World Cup 1.Rabble Forces (RF) 2.Clan Plaid Dwarves (#CP#D) 3.Civil Order (Civil) Butcher (with Aracona) 80
Myth World Cup 1999 1.Civil Order (Civil) 2.BMF (BMF) 3.Alliance (=A=) Butcher (with Cap'n Carnage, Carnage, Imperator) 96
Myth World Cup 2000 1.Street Fighters (*SF*) 2.Ginslingers (gin) 3.The Spanish Inquisition (Spin) Stinger (with Moridin, Ned Hamfist, Balefire) 94
Myth World Cup 2001 1.Northern Paladins (Np) 2.TeAm AnGrY FaCe (12 inch) 3.Monkey Island (mi) Wight Slayer (with Sam Stone) 67
Myth World Cup 2002 (never played) N/A Rauko N/A
Myth World Cup 2003 1. BIAUIHYAC (BIA) 2.Northern Paladins (Np) 3.Swedish Meatballs (Sm) Grim 32
Myth World Cup 2004 1.Brill Meets Evil (BME) 2.Northern Paladins (Np) 3.Martial Arts Gurus (guru) Grim (with Cave, Nitro, Wight Slayer) 36
Myth World Cup 2005 Finals unplayed 2.Thundercox (TCox) 2.BIAUIHYAC2 (BIA2) 3.Hand of Allah (HoA) Mad Dog (with Cheezefist) 30
Myth World Cup 2006 1. Northern Pallywankers (np) 2. Thundercox (TCox) 3. Brills Meets Evil (BME) Grim (with Wight Slayer, Nitro) 32
Myth World Cup 2007 1. ThunderCox (tcox) 2. 12 Tasks (12) 3. Anal Bleachers (ABS) Toxyn (with Ducky, Nitro) 24
Myth World Cup 2008 1. Armageddon (A) 2. House of Tirris (HoT) 3. Thundercox (tcox) Grim, Toxyn 24
Myth World Cup 2009 1. Butterflies Flying in Formation (BFF) 2. Thundercox (tcox) 3. 12 elephriend goblins in tirri's house (EG) Grim, Toxyn 24

The number of teams is based on teams who registered before the beginning of QR. At least one MWC had an additional team register on the site (registration script was kept active) that was not an official team. This includes, however, teams who did not play after registering (forfeit teams).