Mythology References in Devil May Cry

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The Devil May Cry series has the distinct usage of real world mythologies in it's characters , the developers took a trip to greece and observed all the monuments and learnt of the mythologies . This page shows all references.

From the divine comedy

Dante = derived from italian poet Dante Allighieri , who was a character in his own ballad "The Divine Comedy"

Vergil = derived from italian poet Romilius Vergilius Maro who helped the character Dante in the Divine Comedy.

Greek Mythology

Mundus = is actually Neptune/Pluto. Named after "the pit of Mundus" a greek monument.

Geryon = Is actually a giant in greek mythology and a chimera in the divine comedy.

Cerberus = is actually guardian of the demon world, poetically in DMC 3 he was made the guardian of temen-ni-gru.

Alastor = is actually an evil persona of Zeus, the writers learnt about it from the temple of Alastor. In DMC 1 he produced an electric devilarm.

Jokatgulm =  Designed after the Larnean Hydra , who guards another gate to the demon world under lake lakhesis.

Furiataurus = A minataur.

Scottish Mythology

Nevan = A leanashee , a scottish vampire . Nevan is commonly a scottish boy's name.

Sumerian Mythology

Beowulf = is designed after the Pazuzu , a sumerian wind demon

English Mythology

Beowulf = An english ballad hero

Norse Mythology

Bolverk = An alias of Odin , further hinted by the fact that he had one bad eye and he was a norse zombie.

Japanese Mythology

Nefastarrius is a gashadokuru , a japanese giant demon who preys on people when they are alone.

Indian Mythology

Agni & Rudra = Indian spirits of fire and wind respectively . In the game they are living swords of fire and wind.

Israeli Mythology

Berial = A demon

Arabian Mythology

Ifrit = A fire demon , in DMC1 he produced a fire devil arm.

Greek Architecture

The demonic tower temen-ni-gru , is modeled after the leaning tower of pisa.