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NASCAR SimRacing
Basic Information
Video Game
[[EA Tiburon]][[Category:EA Tiburon]]
[[EA Sports]][[Category:EA Sports]]
Simulation, Sports, Racing
Windows 98 SE or Higher
ESRB: Everyone (E)
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NASCAR SimRacing, or NSR for short, is a computer racing simulator developed by EA Tiburon and released February 15, 2005, by EA Sports for the PC. The game included all of the 2004 NEXTEL Cup Series tracks except Pocono Raceway, which was absent from this game and NASCAR 2005 (the console version) for unknown reasons. The game cover features the cars of Ryan Newman, Ron Hornaday, and the Craftsman Truck Series truck of Chad Chaffin on the cover.

The game features NASCAR's top 3 series NEXTEL Cup, Busch, and Craftsman Truck. The game also included Single-player and multiplayer online modes and a career mode for single-player. The game also features many paint schemes used during the 2004 and 2005 NEXTEL Cup Series, however the original release featured the 2005 cars replaced with their 2004 counterparts. This game is the last NASCAR game to be released for the PC; no games were released between then and 2009, the year production of NASCAR games by EA faced possible cancellation.

Drivers[edit | edit source]

While a large number of real drivers are present in the NEXTEL Cup Series, Busch Series, and Craftsman Truck Series in NASCAR SimRacing, fantasy drivers are still present, sponsored by fictional or unused sponsors. A patch is available at installation to download the 2005 NEXTEL Cup cars as a separate mod.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

NASCAR SimRacing is often criticized by players for its lack of support from EA Sports. The game suffered many problems including an infamous 'yellow flag bug' which would cause the player to be disqualified from a race for accidentally passing another car while under caution in both single player and multiplayer races. In October, 2006 EA Sports shut down the GameSpy multiplayer servers.[1]

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