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The NCAA Basketball (formerly NCAA March Madness) series was a College basketball game published by EA Sports from 1995 until 2009. After EA Sports' rival publisher 2K Sports cancelled its own college basketball game, College Hoops, in 2008, EA changed the name of the series from NCAA March Madness to NCAA College Basketball. The series was discontinued on February 10, 2010.[1]

Like other games based on NCAA sports, it could not feature the players' names (as that is against NCAA policy/rules), so only the players' numbers were used in the rosters. Users were able to edit the rosters, putting in the correct names for each team. Many player last names were featured within the in game commentary, like in the NBA Live series. Commentators for the game were Brad Nessler with play-by-play, and Dick Vitale as color commentator.

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