NCAA College Basketball 2K3

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NCAA College Basketball 2K3
Nintendo GameCube cover art
Pictured: Jay Williams
Basic Information
Video Game
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GameCube, PS2 and Xbox
ESRB: E (Everyone)
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NCAA College Basketball 2K3 is an American college basketball video game which was initially released on December 11, 2002 for the Xbox, PS2 and GameCube. It is to this day the only title in the series that uses the "College Basketball" designation rather than "College Hoops". It is also the only title for the series to appear on the GameCube and the GameCube's only college basketball game. It features former Duke Blue Devils guard Jay Williams on the cover. This game was released in very limited quantities and is one of the more difficult GameCube titles to find.[citation needed]

Features[edit | edit source]

  • ESPN Broadcast Presentation—Replays, scores, ESPN theme, ESPN commentators and More! All displayed in the great ESPN broadcast.
  • Over 300 Division I Teams—Accurate 2002 Division I rosters, ratings, and schedules for more than 300 college teams.
  • Comprehensive Legacy Mode—Assemble your hoops program from the ground up and build a Division I dynasty that even Westwood would envy.

  • Player Editor—New player names appear on the backs of their jerseys.
  • Classic and Custom Tournaments—Compete in conference tournaments, the classic field of 64, or create your own custom tournaments from scratch.
  • Immersive College Atmosphere—Authentic college flavor complete with school-specific cheerleaders, chants, and fight songs. Roleplay Mode—Play as one player the entire game.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The game received fairly Positive reception from game critics.

  • It received a "Great" 8.6/10 on
  • It also received a "Good" 7.5/10 on

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