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The entrance to Narshe.

The city of Narshe is the first town the player visits in Final Fantasy 6. It's a relatively large town, but the vast majority of it is blocked off until later in the game.

Importance[edit | edit source]

In Final Fantasy 6, the story begins when an Esper is found in Narshe. The Empire sends out three agents in Magitek Armor to retrieve the Esper.

These three agents, Biggs (aka. "Vicks"), Wedge, and Terra, were to break into the town, defeat any defenders, and steal the Esper. In the end, Biggs and Wedge were (apparently) killed, and the Slave Crown controlling Terra was broken, her memories lost in the process.

After this, Terra was chased through the caves of Narshe by the Empire, escaping with the help of "treasure hunter" Locke Cole. After a brief stint learning about Moogles and game basics in a few tutorial areas, Locke and Terra escape Narshe, heading for the Kingdom of Figaro. Thus, Narshe is left to its own devices until later in the game.

The layout of Narshe.

Following the events of South Figaro and the Lete River, the party separates. Three of the group make their way back to Narshe, where the Esper has been moved to the top of the mountains. The rest of the group later arrives, with some new allies, and the Returners take to the town's defense as the Empire makes another attempt to capture the Esper.

This culminates in another journey, with the party going after Terra when she flies off. In this way, Narshe is once more left more or less to its own devices until later in the game. At this point, however, the player can recruit Mog of the Moogles to the ranks of the Returners, and find some more interesting items.

The battlefield of Narshe.

In the World of Ruin, the player can re-recruit Mog in the Moogle caves, and find some items in abandoned houses, including the Cursed Shield, and the Magicite (or sword, if desired) Ragnarok.. In addition, the rear caves of Narshe allow the Esper from before to be made into Magicite, and for the sasquatch Umaro to join the group.