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Navy Field II
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Basic Information
Video Game
Nexon Japan
Navy Field
Navy Field
Naval simulation
Digital Download
Keyboard, mouse
Microsoft Windows
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Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
August 82012
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Navy Field II is a massively multiplayer online game simulating naval combat currently in development by SD Enternet as a sequel to the 2005 video game Navy Field. Navy Field 2 is now released in Japan (although they ban non-Japanese IP addresses), published by Nexon Japan.

Differences[edit | edit source]

Navy Field II and Navy Field: Resurrection of the Steel Fleet have many differences.

  • First Navy Field I is on an outdated, even before the 2004/2005 beta period, sprite based engine.
  • Navy Field II has more modern graphics.
  • It will be set from World War I through World War II, where the original navyfield was primarily World War II

Navy Field is a simple game as is. The player chooses one of several nations (but is not limited to only one nation) and then chooses a line of ships in that nation. As the player levels up and progresses they will be able to select bigger and better ships to use in battle. There are currently seven nations (US Navy, Royal Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy, German Navy, French NavyItalian NavySoviet Navy)

Navy Field II is expected to have the same seven nations as Navy Field.

Navy Field has issues with high RAM usage. The current sprite based engine has memory leaks. Using anywhere from 500 Megabytes to over a 1 Gigabyte. Navy Field II is expected to have significantly better performance since it will use a more modern and less resource intensive 3D game engine.

From a contributing moderator, quote: "We are not told anything about the new Navyfield 2 game, to my knowledge the game might not even revolve around WWII ships." All information regardling the "possibility of release" is almost non-existent, further increasing the possibility of a controversy (See-Controversy.)

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Jojojua Editor's note: SDNet has recently released information regardling the release of Navyfield 2, which can be found here: The Navy Field 2 project is now believed to had been a publicity stunt which sole purpose was to hook players on NavyField. The integration of the new Navyfield website in 2011, all threads/posts containing information about the release or development of Navyfield 2 was subsequently deleted. Further increasing the possibility that Navyfield 2(Also known as Navyfield 3/3D) never existed, nor was ever in development.

The information regarding the release of Navyfield 2, was published nearly 4 years ago, during these 4 years, threads or posts that investigated a possible controversy over this release, were all subsequently banned and deleted. An example of this was a thread posted 2 months ago, asking moderators when Navyfield 2(Also known as Navyfield 3/3D) will be released, an answer was given depicting the end of closed beta during late April 2011 - from a moderator, this thread now ( no longer exists, all players who commented on these threads had their forum accounts deactivated and forum contributions wiped.

In addition to the increase in suspicion arisen from forum/website actvity. The only solid evidence of a new version, Navyfield 2 was published via a website called (, which is non affiliated with its (Navyfield 2(Also known as Navyfield 3/3D) creator, SDnet, or it's community channels,, and The two images that contribute as evidence of a newer version of Navyfield 2 (Posted in 2008), is vagely planned, and easily faked with current image manipulation software.

Nexon Japan recently proved that Navy Field 2 is indeed, real. It is now registered as one of its games as shown on its official website.

Alpha Testing[edit | edit source]

The alpha test recently finished, with players having access to the nations of Great Britain, USA, Japan and Germany.

Official Opening[edit | edit source]

As of 08/08/12, NavyField2 has officially been launched in Japan.

On 12/18/2014, Navy Field 2 launched. But apparently not by Nexon but by SD Enternet the developer

Official Cancellation[edit | edit source]

As of July 31, 2013  Nexon terminated NavyField2 service for japan.

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