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Basic Information
Location Information
0.84 Earth Atmospheres
4,875 km

Neidus lies improbably close to the red dwarf star Kriseroi. This allows it to approach habitability, though it is quite frigid. It is tidally locked, with a "hot pole" and a "cold pole." Along the terminator, the temperature averages just above freezing. On the lee side, the temperatures are well below freezing.

Neidus has developed a limited native ecology. Much of it clusters permanently attached, around geothermal vents. There are, however, more advanced forms of life. Several arthropodal herbivore species wander back and forth across the terminator, as the require nutrients available in both environments for sustenance. More dangerous are the omnivorous predator species that devour the arthropods. Most animal life on Neidus has limited vision, but finely-developed thermal sense.