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NetHack brass is a variant of NetHack 3.4.3. with some parts of NetHack Plus. A "pre-alpha" version of this appeared in 2004. This game is more difficult than vanilla NetHack. There are some similarities with SLASH'EM because both games inherit some code from NetHack Plus.

NetHack brass has to have several changes to the items and levels, with a goal of balancing the game. L wrote for Erebus, "there's much more to NetHack brass than just more maps and minor twinks". NetHack brass also features a system for weapon and spell skills somewhat different than that of vanilla NetHack and SLASH'EM. Back in NetHack and SLASH'EM, the player advances skills through practice, but the player must manually trigger the #enhance command because there is some limit to skills for those who practice too many different weapons or schools. Further, it is sometimes a mystery when players do not know if certain weapons belong to skills on the list. In NetHack brass, skill enhancement is automatic with practice, plus players choose one skill for each level gained. Further, instead of consulting the spoilers, the player can use the #skills command to check the available weapons and spells in each skill group. Some of you might not like this new ability to advance a skill without practice.

Game data[edit | edit source]

DOS[edit | edit source]

  • Version of 2004 September 23 from Youkan

Source code[edit | edit source]

  • Version of 2004 September 23 from Youkan

Unix[edit | edit source]

You can build the source code on Unix if you change one line in the top-level Makefile. Change "DATDLB = $(DATHELP) dungeon $(SPEC_LEVS) $(QUEST_LEVS) $(VARDATD)" to "DATDLB = $(DATHELP) dungeon *.lev $(VARDATD)". The wildcard "*.lev" matches one in the DOS Makefile and accounts for NetHack brass having different special levels than vanilla NetHack.


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