Network Q RAC Rally Championship (1996)

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For the 1993 version, see Network Q RAC Rally Championship (1993)

Network Q RAC Rally Championship (1996)
Front cover of the DOS version. The Windows version has a different cover
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Magnetic Fields]][[Category:Magnetic Fields]]
[[Rally Championship (series)|Rally Championship]][[Category:Rally Championship (series)]]
Keyboard, Joystick, Steering wheel
Microsoft Windows
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Network Q RAC Rally Championship is a rally computer game which is part of the Rally Championship series. The game was released for Windows and MS-DOS in 26 October 1996, and is developed by Magnetic Fields and published by Europress. In 1997, a new version of the game was released which included the X-Miles add-on.

The game is a sequel to the 1993 game, having the same name.

Cars[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the cars in the game:

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Network option for up to 8 Drivers (via LAN)
  • Choice of 6 full spec Rally Cars
  • Unique Handling Features
  • Features all 28 Stages of the RAC Rally
  • Save, Replay and Pause functions
  • Full screen, high resolution animation throughout
  • Driving in Rain, Snow and Fog through both Day and Night-time
  • Three screen sizes and 2 resolutions for optimum gameplay
  • Authentic sound effects recorded from actual cars
  • Co-Driver speech by top TV Rally commentator Tony Mason

Modes[edit | edit source]

There are four different modes in the game:

  • Arcade
  • Championship
  • Individual
  • Time Trial

References[edit | edit source]