Never Gone

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Never Gone
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Basic Information
Video Game
Hack-and-Slash, Beat 'em-Up
Android and iOS
Never GoneNever GoneNever GoneNever Gone
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Nevergone is a gothic 2D beat-'em-up video game developed by HippieGame for Android and iOS.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The storyline of the game is the same regardless of the selected character. The scripts are written so that it does not depend on the personality of the character being played. One can also notice that the name of the character is not being mentioned and is only addressed via "friend" or "old friend".

The character awakens after a long time of sleep. Then, he/she faces a few skeleton warriors and archers along the way...

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Dawn - Dawn is a blood knight resembling a slim pale-skinned man and white coloured hair. He uses a blade as a weapon and wears a red and black coloured Gothic fashioned clothing. Dawn is one of the playable characters. His attacks are focused on heavy strokes.
  • Higgs - Higgs is a Dark Sister resembling a nun dressed in gothic fashioned clothing. She uses a rapier as a weapon. Higgs is one of the playable characters. Her attacks are focused on quick successive attacks.
  • Saratour - Saratour is an NPC that appears as a humanoid creature having dark-grey coloured skin, muscular built, a pair of black horns and pointy ears. He refers to the player character as an "old friend". He can be seen in town standing next to the secret tree and near to the entrance of the Mist Forest.
  • Gandi - Gandi is an NPC and acts as the town's blacksmith. The player character can upgrade and forge weapon from schematics when visiting his workshop. Jewelry can be dismantled and merged in his magic furnace.
  • [Lapidary Master] - An NPC where you can awaken a weapon, set a gem in one of a weapon's sockets and cause a weapon to "Devour" gems.
  • Pulane - An NPC dressed like a Gothic jester allows the player character to purchase consumables, trinkets, weapons, equipment, dyes and materials.
  • Aggie - A female NPC that allows unlocking and provides Intel Missions.