Nitro Stunt Racing

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Nitro Stunt Racing
Basic Information
Video Game
PC: Keyboard, or USB Steering Wheel/Gamepad
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Nitro Stunt Racing is a Racing game developed and edited by GameSeed in 2007 on PC.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Nitro Stunt Racing invents a new racing discipline: the Formula Jet. The Cars, called F-Jet, are equipped with Nitro reactors which allow them to make crazy jumps while still being able to control them. Races takes place on different track types : Jump, Looping and Super Cross.

The gameplay is half arcade and half simulation, with a complete physic engine. You can face up to 15 AI opponents on 3 difficulty levels. The game engine manage collides and damages.

5 game modes are proposed :

  • Training : Testing and training tracks.
  • Arcade : In this mode, damages are disabled.
  • Duel : Race against a unique opponent
  • Course : One race against up to 15 opponents.
  • Championship : Full Championship.

The game allows you to share your results online, and have an integrated online ranking system.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

5 tracks are available :

  • Jump It Up : for Jump party
  • Red Run : High speed jump track
  • Loopings : Do you like having your head upside down?
  • Hot Rusk : Super Cross
  • Twisted irons : Tubes gone crazy

After completing a Championship, you can race on those tracks in reverse mode.

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