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Basic Information
Company Type
kabushiki gaisha
Visual novels
Computer games

Nitroplus Co., Ltd., stylized as nitro+, is a Japanese visual novel computer software company that has developed a number of visual novels, including eroge. They have also have been collaborating with TYPE-MOON (another developer) to create the light novel series, Fate/zero. Their works usually have dark themes such as reanimation of the dead and murder. They also have a branch of the company called Nitro+Chiral, which focuses on Boys' Love visual novels.

List of works[edit | edit source]

They also released a fighting game Nitro+ Royale -Heroines Duel- (ニトロ+ロワイヤル -ヒロインズデュエル-) at the 2007 Comiket.

5pb. x Nitro+[edit | edit source]

Nitro+Chiral branch works[edit | edit source]

On January 25, 2008, they released a minigame disk titled "CHiRALmori" under this branch of which uses chibi versions of the characters from Togainu no Chi and Lamento.

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