Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadeeru

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Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadeeru
Basic Information
Video Game
ASCII Entertainment
ASCII Entertainment
Super Famicom Cartridge
Super Famicom Controller
Super Famicom and Satellaview
Retail Features
Technical Information
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Super Famicom
April 121996[1]
April 221996[2]
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Ongaku Tsukūru: Kanadeeru (音楽ツクール かなでーる Kana Tsukūru Music?)[3] is an educational Super Nintendo Entertainment System game where children learn how to make music in an educational environment. Many instruments are used in order to create a song. Lessons learned are in composing, creating the melody as well as the beat, and experimenting with different combinations of music styles and genres. The engine of the game is similar to the "music making" mode on Mario Paint. However, the text is in Japanese with only the numbers and musical notes being recognizable to Westerners.

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