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With all the high tech games on all the various platforms around, one could almost forget the simple games from the old days. Load and shoot without the learning curve the advanced and sophisticated games have.

There are literary thousands of games to be played online. You can find them on all kinds of websites.

The games are mostly sorted into categories like shooting, cards, mazegames, platformgames etc.

Two kinds of sites for online gaming

We see two kinds of sites for online gaming:

- Sites that keep scores

- Sites that don't keep scores.

The sites that don't keep scores are often the ones with the biggest number of games. These sites make out approximately 90% of the online arcade sites.

The other 10% are sites which do keep the scores. These sites often require players to sign up, but are far more technically advanced. One minute of your time gives loads of extra fun because you can play to be, for instance, month champion. You can also challenge other players head to head or play in a tournament for a certain game.

An example of such a site is, a new Dutch online gaming site. The site makes playing simple games very interesting. All your scores are recorded and you immediately see your rankings. Very addictive! --