Operation Thunderbolt

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Operation Thunderbolt
Basic Information
Video Game
Shooting gallery
Arcade, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Commodore 64
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Operation Thunderbolt is a one- or two-player shooter arcade game by Taito made in 1988.

Description[edit | edit source]

Operation Thunderbolt is the sequel to Operation Wolf. Roy Adams and Hardy Jones, two green berets, must save American hostages from a hijacked airliner which was forced to land in the fictional African province, Kalubya. To accomplish their mission, they must capture six different bases, shoot enemies such as soldiers, jeeps, tanks, and helicopters using their machine gun or grenade launcher, and try to save the hostages along the way. The enemies will attack with bullets, grenades, or rockets. Once all the bases have been captured and all objectives have been achieved, the game will restart from the beginning and the difficulty will increase.

Ports[edit | edit source]

Operation Thunderbolt was ported to the following platforms:

The Super NES version also works with the SNES Mouse and the Super Scope. In addition, the player was able to choose from a variety of different characters. The storyline was altered in that the hijackers were members of a fictional country known as the Bintazi People's Republic, ruled by General Abul Bazarre, ruler for life. General Bazarre demands that his comrades be freed or else the hostages will be executed.

Connection to real events[edit | edit source]

Operation Thunderbolt was also one of the names used to refer to the Israeli Defense Forces' 1976 hostage rescue mission at Entebbe, Uganda, and also to a feature film dramatizing the same event. The game is arguably a very loose adaptation of the raid at Entebbe: The "North African province Kalubya" in the game is in a location in Africa that corresponds to the location of Libya in real life; the name of the province is an obvious corruption of Libya (possibly a portmanteau with Kaboom or Kablooey), and both involved hijacked airliners, hostages and a commando raid. (The hijackers had landed the plane in Libya to refuel before proceeding to Uganda; the game unifies the two locations.)

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