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Basic Information
Video Game
Pangea Software
Aspyr Media
Third-person Shooter
CD-ROM, Downloadable
Keyboard, Mouse
macOS, Microsoft Windows and iOS
Retail Features
Technical Information
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
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OttoMatic is a video game developed by Pangea Software and published by Aspyr Media. The game was released in 2001, and soon afterward bundled with certain newly-released computers. The game was the first Pangea game to be published by a company other than Pangea itself. It is noticeably similar to many of Pangea's other titles, and bears the greatest resemblance to Bugdom. Otto Matic's graphics and gameplay will be easily recognizable to any gamer who has already played Bugdom. It also contains elements used in Pangea's first major game success, Nanosaur.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Otto Matic follows the character of Otto Matic Proto in his campaign against the Great Brain. The story begins on the Bentley Farm, where Proto cuts into the Brain Alien forces, and forces them into retreat. He follows a collection of Saucers to Planet Snoth to rescue the humans that had been kidnapped. On Snoth, he fights his way through the dangerous surface terrain, and before he can escape, he falls through a "rabbit hole" into the underground machine world that regulates the Slime Rivers above. He fights "The Throne", the main computer that controls all the dams. He destroys the pipeline and escapes on a metal platform, as the underground is flooded. From there, he heads to Planet Knarr, rescues humans, and continues to Rennie. Rennie is also a short stop, but the dangerous circus of Cloud Nine offers Proto many problems. After rescuing the humans there, Proto heads to Sulak, where the Brain Aliens try to lose him in the lethal jungles. Not only are there dangerous beasts, but there's a lot of water, which could shut him down for good. He manages to find the humans, save some, and even reach his rocket, but his takeoff is halted. A tractor beam generator has been infected by the Plantae intelligence called Espora, a powerful being that thrives on Sulak. It was paid in food to prevent Proto from leaving, which Espora does. Proto defeats him and releases the grip on the rocket, but even though he escapes, Espora begins to grow back, for its namesake, the Phoenix Stalk. From Sulak, Otto heads to Deniz on orders from OMHQ (Otto Matic Head Quarters), so that he can uncover a frozen flying saucer and use it on Sebanek. Deniz is dangerous, but for a veteran robot like Proto, there's no problem. He uncovers the Saucer and spins over to Sebanek, where he stealthily rescues humans in the POW camps. After returning them to his rocket, and from there through the teleporter to Earth, he uses his rocket to reach his final target- Planet X, short for Xallamorphamandos. He lands away from the capital and heads there on foot. He confronts the Great Brain in the Hall of Command, and wins. He returns to Earth a hero, having ended the threat to humanity.