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Video Game
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3DO and PlayStation
3DO: 17
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PO'ed is a 1995 video game published by Accolade. It features a cook of a destroyed spaceship marooned on an alien world.

It was originally published on the 3DO console in 1995 and was then re-released on the Sony PlayStation in November 1996. A version for PC was also developed, but not released.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The plot of PO'ed revolves around a chef whose ship has crash-landed on an alien world, from which it is the players task to escape. Using primitive weapons such as a frying pan and a drill, the player must advance through 26 levels filled with alien 'monsters'. A jetpack is also available to help facilitate the player's exploration of levels.

This game features characteristics similar to such classic computer games as Doom and Quake.

Graphics[edit | edit source]

When PO'ed was released in 1995, the graphics were taxing on the 3DO hardware. The graphics rendered real polygons instead of the Raycasting engine of games like Doom or Duke Nukem. Though, the other graphics like enemies and items were still sprites. On the 3DO, only the walls had textures, like the Doom version for the SNES. Yet, the graphics were smooth and more fluid than the Doom version on this system. The graphics were improved on the PlayStation re-release in 1996.

Humour[edit | edit source]

One of the main draws of PO'ed is the humour of the game's premise. Many of the enemies are designed to produce a laugh from the player purely by what they are. Some of the weapons could be considered humorous and unconventional, and the plotline is unusual in its basic content.

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