PSP Street

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PSP Street
Basic Information
Handheld Console
Sony Corporation
PlayStation Portable
PlayStation Portable Slim and Lite
Nintendo DS
5 million
Rachet and Clank: Size Matters
Technical Information
UMDMemory Stick PRO Duo
Memory Stick PRO Duo
Directional Pad, Square Button, Circle Button, Triangle Button, X Button, Start Button, Select Button, 2 x Analog Joysticks, Home Button, L Button, R Button
United Nations International Release
November 2011
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The PSP Street (Model number PSP-E1000) was announced by Sony on August 27, 2011 and released in November the same year. Unlike the PSP Go, which lacked a UMD optical drive and forced you to download games through the PlayStation Store, the PSP Street lacks Wi-Fi to be able to do this; this also means that multi-player functionality and internet connectivity is impossible.

The PSP-E1000 features a matte finish, similar to the PSP-3000 which featured a half matted half glossy finish.