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PaRappa the Rapper 2

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PaRappa the Rapper 2
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Video Game
PaRappa the Rapper
PlayStation 2
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PaRappa the Rapper 2 is a PlayStation 2 rhythm video game and the sequel to PaRappa the Rapper. Though the game boasts a number of new gameplay elements, it was not as well-received critically and failed to garner similar sales as its predecessor.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The story line of PaRappa the Rapper 2 centers on PaRappa, a young puppy, and his continuing adventures in overcoming his obstacles through Hip hop music. PaRappa has recently won a hundred years supply of noodles and has grown tired of eating them. PaRappa's girlfriend, Sunny Funny, offers to make him dinner one evening and he gladly accepts. However, when she serves him noodles, PaRappa throws a tantrum, leaving Sunny Funny to call him a baby. To prove to Sunny Funny that he is not immature, PaRappa seeks to complete a number of tasks, such as getting a job at a Beard Burger restaurant or working out to Chop Chop Master Onion's romantic fitness television program.

The plot continues to become more bizarre as the story ensues and it is slowly revealed that all of the food in town is being turned into noodles by a military dictator. He and his friends get shrunk by his father's invention, so he helps coach them back to normal size with the help of Guru Ant. PaRappa gets drafted into the army and must complete a military boot camp training course with Instructor Moosesha. He becomes an amateur barber after customers are being given afros by a schizophrenic hairstylist caught under a hypnotic tune.

PaRappa confronts the inconsiderate Colonel Noodles by beating an 8-bit video game called Food Court, learning the perfect weapon against noodles, sweets. The Colonel turns out to be Beard Burger Master's son, who has become sick of eating burgers. PaRappa convinces him that noodles aren't the only food around. The game ends with a final party with returning hip-hop master MC King Kong Mushi, and PaRappa learns that Sunny Funny already likes him the way he is.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game plays similar to its predecessor and features 8 stages. The teacher will give a line of rap and PaRappa will have to repeat it, or otherwise improvise it. If he messes up his line twice in a row, he drops a rank from Good, to Bad, to Awful. Performing well two times in a row will bring the player up a rank. Players lose the level if they drop below Awful, or finish the level in the Bad or Awful state. Parappa 2 handles this a little differently to its predecessors, as upon dropping a rank, the teacher will say 'Getting Worse', and the song will go back two lines, and sometimes altering the lines to make them easier to play. If the player improvises a rap successfully two times in a row, accesses Cool mode, where the teacher leaves PaRappa to do freestyle by himself. If PaRappa can reach the end of the level in Cool mode, he'll earn a Cool ranking for that stage. This unlocks music tracks available to listen in a music player available at the end of the game.

Between every two levels, there is a minigame in which 'Taminegis' (little onions) from Chop Chop Master Onion's dojo hold up plates for PaRappa to break. Hitting the plates earns PaRappa extra points to add to his previous level's score, whilst hitting the Taminegis when they are not ready deducts points.

When a level is completed, a versus mode is unlocked, playable with a friend or against the computer. In this mode, the two players are given a line to rap, and each player must try and improvise to get a higher score than the previous one. Beating their opponent earns a point, and three points win the game.

Upon completing the game, Parappa hat changes colour, going from Yellow, to Pink to Blue. When playing through the game again, the lines are remixed. Completing the game unlocks a music player where you can listen to any level with a Cool Rating on. The player can change his hat colour on the title screen by rotating the analogue stick, but the line changes will remain, meaning the player will have to start a new game from scratch in order to play the songs in the original layout.

Cool Rating[edit | edit source]

  • Beard Burgers, A Parappa Town Tradition: Beard Burger Master disappears to go 'Rest in Peace', leaving PaRappa to run the burger store by himself.
  • Strictly for Adults: Chop Chop Master Onion asks to show him freestyle, and PaRappa enters the show to rap freely.
  • Hey! Grab that Remote Control: Guru Ant proclaims he cannot do it any longer, leaving you to grow big and then freestyle on your own.
  • We'll Turn You into.... A Real Man: Instructor Moosesha will fly into the air far away letting PaRappa rap for himself.
  • You Don't Want Her to Go Through This, Do You: Haircutter Octopus leaves you to sweep up bits of hair, leaving PaRappa to re-style Lammy's hair.
  • Parappa Papa's Pastime is Perfected: The Food Court video game switches to normal Parappa style graphics, and PaRappa throws sweets and cakes at the mentors.
  • Noodles are the flow, Noodles are the groove: It is time for Colonel Noodles to brush his teeth and he allows PaRappa to keep singing by himself.
  • Final Party!: MC King Kong Mushi tells everyone to look at PaRappa and how he has become a man, as PaRappa floats to the ceiling tied to a balloon. At the end of the song, PaRappa gets an extended 'Say Ho!' session.
Blue includes Beard Burger Master and Colonel Noodle
Orange includes Chop Chop Master Onion and Hairdresser Octopus
Purple includes Guru Ant and Instructor Moosesha

Characters[edit | edit source]

PaRappa the Rapper[edit | edit source]

The hip-hop hero, hoping to become a man in the eyes of Sunny Funny whilst holding off a noodle crisis.

Beard Burger Master[edit | edit source]

The deceased owner of Beard Burger, he teaches Parappa how to make beardylike beard burgers in the kitchen during Toasty Buns beard breakout mix.

Chop Chop Master Onion[edit | edit source]

He appears in the television teaching PaRappa and PJ Romantic Karate in Romantic Love. He also hosts a minigame in between levels.

Guru Ant[edit | edit source]

He's an ant where the people get so small and the legs are long during BIG. He is mellow when small, but is incredibly timid when he's bigger than his normal size.

Sista (Instructor) Moosesha[edit | edit source]

She's a moose who is sister to Mooselini from the first PaRappa game. She wears a tutu and military pants.

Hairdresser Octopus[edit | edit source]

He appears as an upside down octopus head and cuts hair in the barber shop during Hair Scare. He is red when under the influence of Noodle music, but is blue under normal conditions.

P2 Sensei All-Stars[edit | edit source]

The Food Court Video Game was featured with Beard Burger Master, Chop Chop Master Onion, Guru Ant, Instructor Moosesha, and Hairdresser Octopus during Food Court. Anyone who can't complete it can eat nothing but noodles.

Colonel Noodle[edit | edit source]

He's the son of Beard Burger Master and sings "Noodles Can't Be Beat". Much akin to Parappa's situation, he has grown tired of burgers (see backstory below) and tries to enforce noodles on the whole town.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Colonel Noodle was destined to become a burger shop owner from the day he was born. Unfortunately, his father Beard Burger Master was so into burger research, that all Noodle got to eat was burgers (either similar to or a parody of Super Size Me), as a snack, for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner! When his own birthday party came around, it was hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and bacon burgers! All of Noodle's friends hated him for that, and his mother ate so many burgers that she turned into one as a result of it (though Parappa thought she died).

MC King Kong Mushi[edit | edit source]

This bug sings with the microphone at the end during Always Love!.

Other Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Sunny Funny - PaRappa's love interest, who unwittingly calls PaRappa a baby.
  • PJ Berri - PaRappa's best friend who loves food and has a hidden agenda as PJ the DJ.
  • PaRappa's Dad - PaRappa's father, who is trying to find a solution to the noodle crisis.
  • General Potts - Leader of the military and Sunny's father, working with PaRappa's father and training new recruits.
  • Milkcan - Katy Kat, Lammy and Ma-san, a girl group who somehow get involved in PaRappa's mess.
  • Boxy Boy - A speaking boombox. He shows up in the middle of the opening cutscene of almost every level to offer a practise run of one of the lyrics. Getting three successful runs in a row allows the player to progress, though they can also skip the practise by pressing the Start button.

Censorship[edit | edit source]

In the US version of the game, every reference that Guru Ant makes about himself being called "the Lord" is changed and replaced with Guru proclaiming himself to be "the Man". Also in the US version, the original line of the Burger store level, "Taste better than wine" was replaced with "You better get in line". These alterations do not appear in either the UK or Japanese versions.

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