Pac-Man: Adventures in Time

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Pac-Man: Adventures in Time
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Creative Asylum]][[Category:Creative Asylum]]
[[Hasbro Interactive]][[Category:Hasbro Interactive]]
Microsoft Windows
ESRB: Everyone
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Using their Namco licence, Hasbro Interactive made Pac-Man: Adventures In Time, a Pac-Man game for the PC. This game features five gigantic worlds, over forty 3D mazes and internet play. A Dreamcast port was also rumored.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

As in the original, the object of each level is to guide Pac-Man through a maze eating up dots, fruit and ghosts. Some levels contain obstacles such as boulders, snakes and cannons. After every few rounds there is a little bonus mini-game where the player can get some extra points.The levels also feature a variety of shapes and features such as cylindrical mazes and pyramids,even walls that allow Pac-Man to walk on vertically. It features events, such as collecting a certain amount of pellets, allowing a new area. The game also includes the ability to see the mini intermission videos that come before a new level and allow for non storyline play on specific levels. It also has the ability to connect over the internet to play multiplayer.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The ghosts have stolen the mysterious magical power pellet known as The Artifact that has kept Pac-Land free from evil. They smashed the pellet and in a mighty explosion of power, the four pieces were scattered across time.

Your challenge, as Pac-Man is to retrieve the four pieces of The Artifact from the ghost-infested worlds and return them to the present. Professor Pac-Man and his unpredictable, hastily constructed Time Machine will help you on your quest.

Pac-Man goes through 4 different time periods, including Prehistoric periods, Ancient Egyptian periods, the Wild West, and Medieval times, eventually obtaining all four pieces of the Artifact, the Time Machine malfunctions, bringing Pac-Man into the future. Professor Pac-Man tells Pac-Man that he needs to find an alternate power source in order to bring him home. Pac-Man finds the Reactor Core, and is transported to the second after the Ghosts broke the Artifact, and destroyed the ghosts, using a laser beam which is on the Artifact.

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