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Basic Information
Location Information
2,283 km

A lifeless desert, Parasc was colonized soon after first contact with the vorcha. Several asari mining corporations, working with a siari-based charity called Mind and Hand, built settlements on the planet's surface and orbital stations. Adopting vorcha orphans from Heshtok, they raised them to live nonviolent lives and employed them in the mining industry.

While Mind and Hand's efforts were at first labeled colonialist, the orphans became minor celebrities when it was discovered that the vorcha habit of using violence to communicate was not completely innate. Several spoke throughout Citadel space on behalf of their species, but their short life spans kept their careers very brief. Even today, companies that want vorcha labor have the poor choice between adopting and educating them as youngsters just to watch them age and die or dealing with autonomous but violent adults.

The Reaper invasion devastated Parasc. Its industrial capacity was ruthlessly targeted, and the vorcha mining communities were exterminated. The only silver lining is that the deaths have created martyrs, inspiring other alien-raised vorcha to fight for their galaxy.

Note: This planet can be scanned to attempt to locate Dr. Garneau. The scan will come back negative.