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Paratroopa's artwork from New Super Mario Bros.

Game Series Mario
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Status: Enemy
Affiliation: Koopa Troop
Position: Troop
Species: Koopa
Height: Short
Weight: Small
Gender: Male/Female
Birthplace: Bowser's Castle
Likes: Bowser
Dis-Likes: Mario
Hobbies: Defeating Mario
Family: Koopa Troop
Home: Bowser's Castle
Power: Jumping, flying
Weapon(s): Biting
Creator(s): Nintendo
Trademark: Wings

Paratroopa is an enemy that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. Paratroopas are simply Koopa Troopas with wings and a red shell. Mario can do away with these flying turtles by first stomping them to knock their wings off, then stomping them a second time to defeat them. Supposedly, the shells of a red Paratroopa act like heat-seeking missiles when deployed from a Kart, as seen in the Mario Kart series.

A red Paratroopa from Super Mario Bros.

Paratroopa's Appearances[edit | edit source]