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Pat Proctor is currently an active duty US Army major serving at Fort Riley, KS. MAJ Proctor is a graduate of the highly selective School of Advanced Military Studies.[1] In 2007, MAJ Proctor worked as part of the Joint Strategic Assessment Team,[2] a team of diplomats, military theorists, and intellectuals assembled by GEN David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker to develop the strategy for post-surge Iraq.[3]

Wargame Developer[edit | edit source]

Pat Proctor is also a wargame developer and founder of ProSIM Company.[4] This company develops computer wargames that are published by Shrapnel Games (an internet wargame distributor). ProSIM is known for its simulations of modern warfare, including such titles as BCT Commander, Armored Task Force, and Air Assault Task Force.[5] ProSIM has also worked with military contractors such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin to produce ground combat simulations.[6]

Writings[edit | edit source]

In recent years, Pat Proctor has stepped back from a daily role at ProSIM Company and begun a career in writing. He has been published in the US Army War College journal, Parameters,[7] and online at and Armchair General.[8] He is currently looking for a publisher for his first book, Media War: The Media-Enabled Insurgency in Iraq.[9]

Major Proctor also maintains a blog, Media Warfare, which covers various topics and includes discussion of wargames, book reviews, and commentary on current events.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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