Patriots: A Nation Under Fire

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Patriots: A Nation Under Fire
Basic Information
Video Game
4D Rulers
SilverLine Software
First-person Shooter
Number of
Keyboard, Mouse
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Patriots: A Nation Under Fire
Technical Information
AMP 1.5
United Nations International Release Date(s)
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Patriots: A Nation Under Fire is a computer game created by 4D Rulers and published by SilverLine Software. It puts the player in the position of an army-man whose purpose is to defend the United States from a fictional terrorist invasion.

Story[edit | edit source]

The game begins with a short background. Major cities of the United States have been attacked by nuclear weapons. Armies of terrorists flock the shores and have taken over most of the country. The player assumes the role of a National Guardsman. He is called into the local military base, only to find it overrunning of terrorists. From there, the mission is to defeat the terrorist invasion.

Ratings[edit | edit source]

The game flopped in almost every sense. It has been criticized for poor quality when it comes to graphics and gameplay. The game is also overly hard, even on the easiest setting.

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