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A Peahat is an enemy in The Legend of Zelda series of video games. They are plant-like in appearance and always have their signature propeller-type leaves or petals, allowing them to fly around the overworld (Hyrule Field) and attack from great heights.

The Peahats are a race of helicopter/plant-like enemies. They are pineapple-like in appearance and the "helicopter blades" are probably some sort of hardened leaves which the Peahat developed as a protection to deflect weapons as well as a mechanism for flight. They are only active in the daytime, but can produce larvae at night if disturbed. They can be killed in some games only when resting on the ground, and in other games, the roots must be struck underneath the blades.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Peahats have appeared in half of the Zelda games to date in one form or another.

The Legend of Zelda[edit | edit source]

The Peahats in this game appear to look similar to small, orange flower-like enemies with white helicopter leaves, found mostly in the northern half of the overworld. They are out of reach while they are moving (as it is assumed that they are flying too high for Link to hit), but can be attacked when they stop (although it is usually better and easier just to avoid them altogether).

Link's Awakening[edit | edit source]

Peahats in Link's Awakening are nearly identical in appearance and behavior to their Legend of Zelda counterparts.

Ocarina of Time[edit | edit source]

The Peahats in this game are much larger than their counterparts from earlier games. When Link is a child, they litter Hyrule Field, and attack whenever a traveler comes near. When Link becomes an adult, they no longer exist. Their appearance has also changed from earlier games, having large blade-like propellers as opposed to the flower propellers they had had. There are two varieties, one that flies low and chases Link, attempting to cut him up with its spinning blades, and one that flies very high and remains stationary, attacking instead by sending out Peahat Larvae that Link must either flee from or deflect with his shield (or duck as necessary to avoid them). The former could be defeated by getting underneath it and cutting at its vulnerable roots, while the latter must be shot down with a projectile weapon or else avoided (it releases Peahat Larvae, which will slowly descend until they hit the ground—they die once they reach the ground). The larvae of the second variety are endless, and the Peahat will continue producing them until night when it sleeps. A Peahat attacked while sleeping will spew Peahat Larvae.

Majora's Mask[edit | edit source]

There is only one Peahat to be found in the entire game, guarding a Piece of Heart in a small, underground cave hidden in Termina Field. This Peahat is identical to the low-flying variety of Peahat in Ocarina of Time.

The Wind Waker[edit | edit source]

Peahats are small and fly into Link to attack him with their blades. These can only be killed with projectiles, since the spinning blades act as a shield against a sword. Another way for the player to temporarily disable their shield is to knock them to the ground with the Deku Leaf or Boomerang and then destroy them with the sword. When struck, they make a high-pitched cry, mildly reminiscent of the English voice of the Pokémon Jigglypuff.

Seahat[edit | edit source]

Seahats are in the same genus as Peahats. So far, they have been found only in the The Wind Waker, where they only live in the Great Sea. Seahats, a relatively large flying shark-like fish creature who rushes at Link. The sound it produces when moving through the water is similar to that of a motorboat. It can be killed with projectile weapons, and if struck by the Boomerang, the leaves on its head will be destroyed, rendering the Seahat immobile.

The Minish Cap[edit | edit source]

In this game, Peahats appear more like Octoroks with flowers on their head. They are invincible while flying, and never come to rest. Instead, Link can defeat them with the Gust Jar, either by stunning them with a puff of wind, or by sucking them into the jar and then launching them out.

Twilight Princess[edit | edit source]

Peahats appear in the located in the Gerudo Desert and City in the Sky dungeon, serving as Clawshot targets. Their appearance has once again changed: only the rotating "leaves" appear plant-like, the bulk of the Peahat's body is the large root that Link can hang from. Unlike previous installments, they do not attack, and are actually useful as aerial transportation in several areas throughout the two regions listed above, and also are needed for use in the boss battle of the City in the Sky.

Also, there are two trees that appear to have Peahats growing off of them in the desert.

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