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Phantom Dust

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One of the biggest complaints about Phantom Dust is how difficult it is to find the next mission. You have to talk to a specific person that could be any of the 20 or so people spread out through the underground city. With no indicators as to who you need to talk to next this becomes a very frustrating flaw.

This guide (or walkthrough) is the list of all 114 missions in order of how they could be completed and who you need to talk to find them. To further complicate issues there are three missions that require you to talk to a character first before it will open up for completion with another character. There are one of these missions in Chapter Two and two of them in Chapter Three.

For a guide of sorts about the game see Memory Box.

Chapter One
WhoMission name
TetsuyaTo The Surface
TetsuyaWatchful Eye
TetsuyaQualification Screening
TetsuyaCounter Attack
TetsuyaFire of Gehenna
TetsuyaClose-Proximity Battles
ChunkyPatrol Cooperation
pHDefeat By One
Cuff ButtonRescue a Scout
TetsuyaQualification Exams
Chapter Two
WhoMission name
Ubiquitus then EdgarCollecting Battle Data
UbiquitusStatus Skills
TetsuyaContinue: Status Skills
TetsuyaNew Skill Research
TetsuyaDefense is the Key
TetsuyaPowers that Erase
TetsuyaRegistration List
TetsuyaContinue: Erase Skills
KnowCome Hither Strong One
Meister, MikanRecipe For Recovery
TetsuyaAbundance of Memory
Chapter Three
WhoMission name
Ubiquitus, Mac, then TetsuyaArsenal
Chunky then TetsuyaEmergency Signal
TetsuyaRed-Haired Woman
TetsuyaStray Eyes
TetsuyaPatrol the Highway
TetsuyaDistorted Sky
pHDelicious Recipe
MeisterSearch Team Exam
MeisterFinal Selection
TetsuyaLegendary Man
TetsuyaThe Gyne Sisters
TetsuyaSleep Land Ai Saw
TetsuyaSky Colored Paints
KnowEducation for the Gifted
Cuff ButtonShare Life
pHA Warm Dish
TetsuyaEdgar's Memory
TetsuyaImportant Item Location
SpokesmanOrder: Search for Edgar
Chapter Four
WhoMission name
TetsuyaNew Territory
MeisterSolid Wall
pHRed Rose of Passion
TetsuyaMessage in a Bottle
TetsuyaScraps of Memory
TetsuyaThe Gyne Sisters Return
TetsuyaTo Those That Pass
TetsuyaMassacre in the Dark
KnowWish Obstructed
KnowUnusual Moves
ChunkySecret Buisness
ChunkyNig Claustro Fall
TetsuyaRed Head
TetsuyaGhost Sightings
ChunkySecret Cargo Route
TetsuyaMay Day
TetsuyaMac's Arsenal
KajikawaFind the Refinery
TetsuyaPursuit of Edgar
Chapter Five
WhoMission name
TetsuyaJudge of Anubis
TetsuyaYoung Writer
TetsuyaSingle Death Shot
MikanPlace of Death
TetsuyaSecret Meeting
TetsuyaMelee Palace
TetsuyaPatrol Panorama
TetsuyaInternal Peace
TetsuyaOld Battlefield
TetsuyaA Crime Beyond Man
TetsuyaWall of Limit
TsubutakiA Question of Destiny
RaindeerAngel in White
TetsuyaRescue Friends
Chapter Six
WhoMission name
TetsuyaInvisible Trap
TetsuyaMikan and the Red Head
TetsuyaCaution: Do Not Overuse
pHForgot to get name
TetsuyaAn Ommato Attack
TetsuyaA Secret Thought
TetsuyaDesire to Meet
JDEnvironmental: Finalized
TetsuyaBook Ban
TetsuyaConcerns of the Elite
TetsuyaOmen of Change
TetsuyaGaze of Interest
TetsuyaOverflowing Tab
TsubutakiTo the Memory City
Chapter Seven
WhoMission name
TetsuyaPrice of Admition
TetsuyaA Single Mistake
TetsuyaSkill Controversy
TetsuyaWrtier Again
TetsuyaThe Reeducation of Know
TetsuyaCrawling Past
TetsuyaReocurring Nightmare
TetsuyaGaze Phobia
TetsuyaVibration Blaster
ArthurAnd Now to the Future
TetsuyaElite Disappearence
TetsuyaAn Odd Friendship
TetsuyaSolitary Battle
Cuff ButtonConfidential: Cuff Button
JDBreaking with the Past
SammahAngry Counter Attack

Credits[edit | edit source]

Thanks to Phantom Esper a.k.a Xander Phero, on Xbox Phreaker for correction on mission Recipe For Recovery in Chapter Two.