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Phantom EFX is a publisher and developer of video games for PC and Mac. Their Reel Deal series of PC and Mac games include card, casino and slots titles that can be played offline and online [1]. No real money is ever wagered, and there is a monthly subscription fee to play as part of the online community. Players can still play off line, without needing to pay the extra fee.

Phantom EFX releases a slots game and a casino game every fall - the newest releases are Reel Deal Slots: Ghost Town and Reel Deal Casino: Gold Rush. A 3-D casino is planned for a fall 2008 release.

Two of Phantom EFX's titles have been top 10 sellers in the overall PC Game Category according to the NPD Group; once in October 2006 with Reel Deal Slots Mystic Forest and again with Reel Deal Slots Ghost Town twice in October 2007.

Phantom EFX will be publishing its first non-casino title with developer 8monkey Labs in August 2009, the time-travelling first-person shooter Darkest of Days.

Phantom EFX is one of Darin Beck's many holdings in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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