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Phil Bagzton is a Rebel Freedom Fighter from the multiplatform game, Freedom Fighters. He is allegedly good with explosives. To the game, he acts a bit like comic relief, making comments here and there that might get a chuckle out of the player. He may not be a good fighter, but he's a great talker. He learned this growing up, where he found out he was better at talking his way out of tough situations instead of fighting his way out, despite boxing since the age of 13 to protect himself from his abusive father. When the invasion started, his family fled New York for California.

During the invasion, he seems to spend most of his time helping plan things out at the rebel base. When the base is taken by the Soviets and Chris is forced to flee, he is saved and taken to a new, safe base by Phil & "The Kid". From there, Phil takes over coordinating missions until the main launch on Governor's Island. When they reach Governors Island, he is launched overboard by a crashing helicopter. While he is saved by Chris, he loses their important C4, and is blamed by some other Freedom Fighters for ruining the landing.